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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Encephalite 01 06 2014

The Encephalite 01 06 2014
I was sitting in the sauna next to a man with a cro magnum forehead that looked like it was filled with encephalitis.  He was a pharmacist!  Most of pharmacies profits come from the sale of medication used to limit the ability of a human being to use their higher thinking capability; those drugs are said to have the highest profit margins, they are called anti-psychotics!  And they are indeed what the Government wants to put you on when they involuntarily commit you!  And do you know what happens?  All those people who have had their higher thought processes negated by the use of those drugs become far more dangerous because of it!

He told me that the number one fear that White Supremacist have is losing their job skills!  I also read of the concept when I read about a book a woman of Philippine origin wrote.  She said that her father told her to learn a skill that someone could not take away!  It is often a very refreshing experience to realize that people from other countries and cultures have experienced it to and also validate the issue!
But here is what happens with regard to the initiative of the White Supremacists.  And you will have to read it very slowly in order to understand it completely.
Work for the White Supremecist who fears losing his jobs skills therefore isn’t really work it is enjoying that you have aped those skills from someone else to their detriment!  A teacher that doesn’t like a “Bright” child will create “negative expectations” for them.  In some cases it really amounts to racism and prejudice against healthy human being children!  Negative expectations are like saying, “You can’t even do that so I don’t want you to try!”  Whereby the child ends up doing poorly because of the negative teacher.  Now that is far different than a teacher holding a child back because they are not learning when they should be despite all competent and respectful attempts to teach them.  In other words there is a difference between a child that has a predisposition to a LEARNING DEFICIT compared to a child that the teacher is creating negative expectations for.  And indeed if this problem had not been glossed over we might not have as many LD’s as we do today!  Can a teacher creating negative expectations for a child also lead to the other children creating negative expectations for that same child in the form of the pagan based religion of scapegoatism? 
[A bad shepherd versus a good shepherd being a metaphor for people.  Wait a minute I have to digress with regards to religion!  Jesus called himself the good shepherd and easily healed those that were made ill by the bad shepherd by demoniac possession?  I was going back from that belief when I read that Jesus returned to his home with riches which his family in turn rejected him for!  But if indeed he was healing those by driving out those from a bad temple that made them sick by demoniac possession then he would still be the good shepherd!]
An employer that doesn’t like a worker will abuse their rights until they are mentally ill in order to steal a skill set that isn’t there’s?  And what do they do with it after they steal it?  They spike it into the ground as if they have had enough of that!  As if they want to destroy it!  To destroy the working tools of men! Like the Green Bay Packer did the football after the touchdown yesterday!  And is that not what has happened to American Employment?  That bad bread defeated the American worker through limited liability and spiked those jobs overseas?  He spiked the jobs to clear across the Pacific Ocean didn’t he!  That is how much he respected the American Worker!
So that cro-magnum man above does not fear losing his skills; because if he had really had them our coworkers jobs would not be in China!  Not only that he could willfully teach them to new generations so that the American economy sustained itself.  Fear of losing job skills is really the coveting of the skills that you actively prevented others from using themselves?  Hence the religion of psychiatry is created for the benefit of the mentally defective that do not want you to use your OWN abilities and prosper from them.  Perhaps this Bible quote states it best with regard to those who aped skills from others losing them in rapture, “And those who were left behind were gritting their teeth and weeping!”
And the concept applies to all layers of our society!
If the Judge had really had legal aptitude our laws would have been enforced and bolstered in the correct manner!  Instead we see human beings having their minds cracked like a squirrel chews open a Walnut or a monkey opens a coconut through blunt force!  And the monkey figured out that if it medicated human beings they couldn’t complain about it cracking open coconuts or it being a monkey among us! I think that we are starting to get a little bit smarter than that today!  If you have your higher thought capacity taken away from you then you cannot coherently defend your own opinions can you!  Perfect crime isn’t it.  And then another form of negative expectations seeps into the picture!  The false authority posing as a father figure responsible for your best interests telling you it is best you take psychiatric medicine!  Have you ever know a street drug dealer because you were forced to attempt the same public or Catholic School that they did?  That is exactly how the drug dealer acts, they want to presume to be a father figure to you!  And after they complete the transaction they give you that fathers confidence smile as if you did something that YOU SHOULD BE REWARDED FOR!  Full disclosure, I have never bought drugs from a street type drug dealer in my entire lifetime!
But what do those street drugs accomplish?  They create delayed development in the human being!  It means a learning disability!  Why?  It hasn’t really been stated but it should be, the reason being is that instead of reward through achievement creating a positive mental state the drug user achieves the mental reward through the use of the drug!  In effect the escapism is that they did not have to learn and indeed were prevented from learning; double edged sword that needs a catch term!
Charles Sumner might ask, “How can a lawyer who becomes a judge adjudicate when his /her spoken words are coming from the minds of the defendants!”
And I know all this puts me on the path to martyrdom; but so be it!
Let me ask you this!  “How long before they are waiting for your human being baby to be born so they can give it the gift of the drug myrrh right away as they did Jesus Christ!”
When your precedents are not your won you truly have no precedent!
And there is a great difference between Learning- defined to be integrating extracts from others knowledge and precedent and integrating them (means thinking about how they were right or wrong) into your belief system (meaning knowledge)  AND “Aping”, meaning coveting the skills and statements derived from their precedents of others, to the point where you want to prevent or bar them from using them!
Someone dare to ask BO (Barrack Obama), GB (George Bush) or BC (Bill Clinton), or RR (he’s dead) what an ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM is?  I just found those initials an interesting progression BO, GB, BC, RR,JC, RN, LJ and don’t even know if it is the right order, don’t care.
Part II
Gun Control: Is created as the parents of the kid that “APES” not wanting the kid that was “APED” to have a gun (as an adult) because the boy that “APES” will want one too! Now here is where the wheat is separated from the chaff!  But because the son that “APES” the skills of other doesn’t really have the skills but instead “Aped skills” it will likely use the gun to kill itself!  That is the overprotective mothers greatest fear!  That her son will want to do something dangerous too, because others are doing it and he will get hurt or die if he tries to ape it!  She wants it both ways but it cannot be both ways.  Nor can a son be imprinted by a mind that is demonized because that son does end up having the mind of the demonized man but of the lead demonizer instead (A woman’s mind or primate mind); which by definition is not a man because he does not have human conscience or human reason!  If he did he would have his own skills?  Hence the mother that “apes” (the word means copies) becomes very frustrated in life to the point that she wants to poison the mind of that which was “Aped” when it becomes an adult!
And blue collar jobs are dangerous, hence we don’t have them in the United States any more- something those Chinese do!  But another reason why we don’t have them is because the son that “APES” could not safely manage employees so that they did not injure themselves!  The way she got around this one was to send the jobs overseas to a communist country (Where she has always belonged) so it doesn’t matter if they are injured or hurt because we never know or hear about it!
The responsible Human Being adult would have had the responsibility to take the danger out of the blue collar workers job through safety and equipment and responsible management.  But the mind that “APES” (and the English litter our Corporate management and they were druids that indeed worshipped the monkey) can’t do that!  It is the most basic of the human being parent’s skills that they cannot transform the knowledge and practice of into the work environment.  Type A personalities are the embodiment of such personal “Aping” frustration!
[Inflation comes from mfg of goods with cheap labor so the profits of the wealthy can be maintained.  The little shareholder never makes money from stocks!  He is churned out of it!  All the money from Corporate American profits goes to the wealthy of management and the financial fraud created through the Investment industry!  They eat lavish meals while at the same time loan their stock so that it can be shorted by the Market makers to work against public ownership!  Nor do they receive salary commensurate with their true working knowledge.  All of their knowledge is aped!  And that is indeed the empirical evidence as to why our jobs are overseas today!  Those that ape knowledge care less than little for those it was aped from.  They also care less than little for our Constitution in comparison to the Government forms of Communism!  The Communal society is indeed that of the “aped” minded.
A breed among us who can steal skills from someone “semen” like a Druid Englishman said he could smell the blood of an Irishmen clear across the sea?  How would you like to live on an Island where you had to fear those of a Skull (means boat) and Bones (means oars) paddling over to kidnap your children as the English did to the Irish!  And is that not want is happening in America today?  Children both being kidnapped and also sold into slavery (Called human trafficking by our proper English monkey media!)  Prostitutes were tattooed as a form of ownership in Chicago just like cattle were?  Don’t remember to know if slaves were branded, but I think some were!  For you blacks to oppressed to know your United States history that is what we fought and won the Civil War in the United States to prevent from occurring!  Because we went to a bloody war for the cause means that those who try it again are deserving of the death penalty right away!  That means that pimps are deserving of the death penalty!  Some people are not deserving of a second chance!  He ate his competitors ear; I say he doesn’t get a second chance in life or be allowed to live among us at all!
The aping concept is also seen in the Bible in the parable of the talents where the mocking voice tells of how she (it is a feminine) can decide who gets what skills!
To be an English Druid means that you worship the monkey and the “aping” of skills from human beings!
To be a Canaanite means you killed your own brother believing you would have his skills.  It is the belief in Cane!  But instead as he did, the house you build falls in on you and kills you OR in modern terms the moral would be you kill yourself with the gun you take from your deadened brother?  Do you see how there is no way around it?  No matter what you do the reality always comes back from the same construct, “Was your son’s mind imprinted by his own fathers? Or is he a suicidal voyeur like Adolf Hitler!”
So you are sitting next to someone like that in the sauna and they have a cro-magnum forehead full of encephalitis? (means brain inflammation) Get up and get out of their quick because you too do not want to become one of the Big Forehead Encephalites!    And perhaps I just gave a new term to that which I regularly expose here in my blog, “The Encephalite!”  And college kids get that in dorm rooms?  They try to think for themselves for the first times in their lives and can’t and instead they become the Encephalite.  That or they are exposed to the virus because they are indeed the ones who are aped by the Encephalite who carry the virus?  So that will indeed be the title of this article, “The Encephalite”  Is it any wonder that those who worship monkeys' might get a case of brain inflammation as they try and keep up with human beings!  Is it any wonder that they might transmit it to us whereas they have a built up immunity to it? Hence they seek to medicate the minds of humans so that their personal development is stalled until they die?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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