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Monday, January 6, 2014

All Homeless to be inducted into the Army Reserve or National Guard 01 06 2014

All Homeless to be inducted into the Army Reserve or National Guard 01 06 2014

That way they would have a place to sleep and stay out of the cold on days like today!

One could say that the goal of the National Guard is to protect United States Citizens?  Are not the homeless United States Citizens?

And what is that Government agency that Barrack use to threaten us with in a veiled manner?  He stated its objective was to protected United States Citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic!

Is not the cold an enemy of a homeless American Citizen?  Very hard to define who made so many of them homeless?  But they are indeed citizens and do need protection and we have government agencies that have proudly given themselves the label of doing so?  But they don't do they!  When Americans are dying from exposure to the cold there is a person among us that somehow was their financial enemy?  Why isn't the Government protecting them from that Financial enemy?  Is it not an act of domestic terrorism when citizens are made homeless by a financial enemy to die in the cold from exposure and hunger?

Blacks were freed from such people, you would think that when we got one as President of the United States that he would have the backbone to address the issue! 

They likely would not let you in an Army reserve base if you went there and you would die on the way as you tried to get there!

But here is where one is in the heart of poor Milwaukee, just to show you a picture of how big it is!

Whatever Government agency that is that is responsible for protecting us against all enemies foreign and domestic is, it has not lived up to its namesake! And that is justification that members of such an organization be demoted and fired, had their personal assets confiscated and put in the exact same position as the homeless American in the Cold!  You would absolutely hate to have me President of the United States more than anything else in your entire life!

Nor has that agency protected us from global climate change that is responsible for the volatile cold weather today - ten degrees below zero in Milwaukee.

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