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Monday, January 6, 2014

Invention Needed Electricity Producing Window Blinds 01 06 2014

Invention Needed Electricity Producing Window Blinds  01 06 2014

One of my best energy saving Invention Ideas Ever!!!!!!

I started to think how efficient having a Black solar panel inset behind a glass exterior wall would be!  Heat is the prime enemy of a solar panel and leads to early failure!  But if it is behind the glass wall fraction of the electric energy that it produces could be used to power a small fan that radiates the heat from the panels and thereby cools them while at the same time heats the air in the winter home!  Okay so all new homes should be built that way and indeed the exterior of every home should have that instead of siding!

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But then I kept on thinking!  What if a person had black aluminum window blinds on a day when the temperature drops below 10 degrees?  Wouldn't they heat up and thereby help compensate for drafts by the window???

Then I kept on thinking and wallah here it is!  Those Window blinds should indeed be made of panel strips of photovoltaic electric producing cells!  They could indeed have an inverter integral to the mount and it plugs right into your electric outlet to augment the electricity in your home!  They should be mandated on every home in the United States!

Our house has 5 windows that face south!  The East and West ones get a lot of sunlight in the AM and PM Respectively!  It would work!!!!!

The prime concern is that photovoltaics are unsightly!  This addresses that issue because the structure is inside the home!

Worried about the power going out?  No problem those window blinds could be charging up batteries to power heat from stored and sun based electricity!

The main risk in the design that needs to be addressed in engineering terms is the connection between the photovoltaic "Blind" strips to the inverter!  They should therefore always be modular type connections!  And they should not experience flex or be built with some swivel technology like you see on the cheap connections you buy at the dollar store that prevents the phone cord from tangling!  Only they need to be made so that the electric connection in the swivel is always highly efficient and never compromised through gapping of the press that creates them or charring over, or etc.  And there indeed would be the best place to add superconductor material!  The system would also need failsafes!  Such as ground fault and arc fault technology at the strip array connections!

And of course that is the first wave that pushes for solar panels on all roofs and sun exposed exterior walls!  We won't be in any middle East wars anymore and indeed foreign countries would view us as leaders by example.  But if you don't want to be that kind of leader then that is what we have today anyhow!

And such panels could indeed include fans that radiate heat on the black photovoltaic panels inward of the home!!  And they should indeed be amorphous material!

We have had a conspiracy to deprive our nation of solar electric energy for over 40 years!

Another byproduct is that we won't be needing to pay to maintain a military in times of peace!  Big savings!

And of course someone will say that they already thought of it!  But if they did how come I don't have them today?  One window would cost $150 dollars and maybe produce 75 watts or more?

I will have to do a web search!  It seems like such a good idea that someone had to have thought of it!!

Didn't find anything.  It would be heavier than a standard window blind but it would be nothing that the studs in the wall marginally above the window could not  support!

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