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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Very Effective and Simple Motivation for Public Speaking 01 02 2014

Very Effective and Simple Motivation for Public Speaking 01 02 2014

If North Korea's Kim Jong Un can get up to the podium and gain the audience of the world by telling why he killed his uncle you can:

1.  Take the open mic and sing!
2.  You can make a television appearance promoting your products.
3.  You can read the homily or create a sermon for Sunday Mass!

4. You can take the podium at your village hall and voice your well articulated opinion on a matter.
5. You can raise your hand after a Politician is done giving a speech and ask a question and not settle for a crooked answer!
6. You can call a radio program and provide your idea that no one has ever mentioned when they accept call ins as a matter of on air discussion!

If Kim Jong Un can tell why he killed his Uncle and get a full color picture in the paper of the event you can do all those things listed above too!  And you don't have to feel you have to put up with any cr@p when you do!

You can do all those things!  But not only that, you are compelled to do all those things and rather quickly!  Least you end up the silent lambs of the bad shepherd.

Look at the gestalt of that above and tell me that it does not provide the best motivation for you to speak in public that you have ever had in the history of the world!  You, the tired and beleaguered American worker!  The downtrodden!  The victimized!  The enfeebled! You who are greatly intelligent and good but were naive and taught to believe everyone was good only to find yourself in poverty! You who have been convinced to believe in untruths about yourself!  Make yourself publicly heard!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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