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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Are you saying that a palace talked to you asked the policeman 01 03 2015

“Are you saying that a palace talked to you,” asked the Policeman 01 03 2015

My Commentary on a Nation/World Briefing article titled “Prince not tied to sex case, palace says” published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 01 03 2015

What does this reveal?

1. It reveals that in the Monarchy a Financier also operates as a pimp!

2. It also reveals that the Royal Family is very slick in how it responds to media inquiries. In this case the contradiction they made appears to be an outright lie! Which means what? That they know they can kill that woman or pay her off to make it go away!
3. It reveals that the English monarchy has now found the United States a place to find women to groom! Very disturbing!

What do the charges amount to? Paying a United States resident to procure an underage woman for prostitution!

Prince Andrew is Prince Charles Brother.

Money and power is making this go away.

The reality is that a foreigner like Prince Andrew, if convicted, should be on a Country wide Sexual Predator website listing! I don't believe we have seen such a sight yet!

But how did Epstein source the woman? Did he know her all his life? Did they go to the same temple? If he was such a great Financial why does, in effect, he need to launder money for Prostitution? How many other women have faced this same fate? I bet the numbers are astronomic!

So if Prince Andrew is bad, does it also mean Prince Charles is too? The way my mind works is that it tells me it is true!

Is this how we are supposed to believe that Royalty acts? Royalty sources prostitutes through Financiers?

The implication is that great machinations and control of money hide the money laundering aspect of it! What does that amount to? Organized crime on a worldwide scale! But we already knew that didn't we! The LIBOR rate was rigged to create the mortgage crisis in the United States! England partnered with the NSA and spying operations were conducted on United States Citizens! “Is she single? Can you get her to do it? Can she be paid to be silent? Who is in her family that might be of power? Does she have any relatives?” Pure filth! Get it? Pure filth! England has always been the enemy of the United States! Always! You like those young women and men raised in the land of the free don't you! Something very nice for a monkey worshiping druid to pass around in sex grooming!

Basically the way that article is worded is very deceiving! It mentions the facts and then states just the opposite of them as its summary! It states a young American woman named Prince Andrew in a court case involving Jeffery Epstein. It states she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein. He just wanted her to do it! He didn't expect to get any money for it in return or anything! Nothing laundered. Then Buckingham Palace, (it is like a Corporation being a person isn't it) stated just the opposite of what is said to be filed in the court case by the young woman! Gee and I am asking myself if Jeffrey Epstein is a Jew or not? Because I read that antisemitism is on the rise again and I want to be sensitive to that issue? We have a very unique vantage point in world history don't we? Bernie Madoff a Jew orchestrated a Ponzie Scheme that very nearly put the United States into an economic depression and the Great Depression amounted to Genocide by Starvation. That is the only way you can look at it!

Is it right for the very wealthy to buy their way out of allegations? It is called pre-court settlements! Or settlements out of court! We never hear about them! Why not? The results would be highly defaming!

But here is what I want to know! Is Homeland Security scanning United States internet and personal data looking, from operations based in England, for young women to defile? To me it is almost an act of WAR!

A lot of those monkey worshippers are here in the United States today! And they are indeed driving United States citizens insane with novel and proven technology that creates the symptoms of mental illness! Is it the makings of a holocaust? Absolutely! And they do indeed look different! Subtle differences in the chin and facial features like a “Vern” imbecile smile. A protruding lower jaw like a witch in the males. A reed hole, mouth full of caramels dog like voice in the males. If you see the far sighted glasses that is a dead giveaway too! What else? Dwarfism! Essentially Griffinism! If you have ever heard voices you know exactly why the wealthy protected their castles with the images of Griffins. Listen very carefully to the change in voice in the lyrics of this song Big Mouth Strikes Again by the Smiths.

Add link to song here!

And here is what Iggy Pop told us back in the 80's too. “They put a hot wire to my head!” and Anger is an energy! It is the same theme of the Star Trek episode whereby the aliens with the large lobes in the back of their heads and the image of an anus painted there could read the thoughts of commander Pike and torment him. “Anger defeats them?” Not anger! Anger transformed into accountable and not corrupt legal justice! That is the only way we win!

So lets say something like that settles out of court! Even though it was initially brought to court! When it settles out of court the criminal actions are expunged. But as a society justice has not really happened to prevent further wrongdoing by the individual! What am I getting at? Maybe the person has been remunerated but our Country has not! Our country loses in cases like this doesn't it! If the common man cannot buy his way out of court why should the wealthy one? Very disturbing inequality! We still have the bad element! And per my life experience bad elements can not be reformed! What makes it so egregious is when it happens at the highest level of society!

And look at the patriarchal structure that completely failed this young women?

I have worked in an Investment Office with just those type of people! They talk like old hags would! They are absolutely horrible! They talk about people in ways you would never believe!

So why did the Journal publish that article at all? I think that it is a cry for help out of New York or wherever the case was filed. It is a way of saying. Read this! Does anyone else see what is going on here? Does anyone else see what is wrong here! Does anyone else see that the very wealthy have found a way !to immunize themselves for wrongdoing!

Is that the son of Queen Elizabeth? What would the Queen do if her own son was involved in an act of international terror like that? Should charges be written up and Prince Andrew be extradited to the United States? I believe the Queen would want to comply in order to keep England in good standing with the United States if that were to happen? Isn't the District Attorney obligated to respond in that professional capacity to that young woman? Are not her United States Constitutional rights far more important than someone from a foreign country? I say yes! Without even caring to know even one more detail or contrived detail about her!

That needs to happen! You don't participate in a interest rate rigging scheme of the housing market in the United States and then have sex with those who are flushed from their homes in disarray? Makes you sick doesn't it! We must not be preyed upon in this manner! It has to end!

The “Palace” said it isn't true. Wouldn't that be a very nice excuse to use? A Sheriff comes to your front door in participation of an eviction due to a mortgage crisis and firmly tell him. “My House” say's I am not leaving!

“My House” say's say's this! “My house” say's that!” Do you know that per psychiatric manual diagnostics in the United States if you start talking like that in that “person” it isn't first second or third is it? Aha! I have just discovered something! To absolve yourself from guilt you have to talk from an “entity” person point of view! How come that wasn't defined in the English Language and grammar? But back to the point, if you start talking in “My House” terms you could diagnosed as mentally ill for being confused, using language of “invalid reference” or just plain labeled incoherent!

Can you hear the monotonal defective voice of the Police Officer struggling with it or baiting you with it? “What exactly do you mean when you say “your house” says this? Are you saying that your house talks to you?”

Well you see where I am going with this don't you? Mr. Pressman, are you saying that a “Palace” talked to you? Mr. Pressman are you saying that a Corporation talked to you? How come the police don't get uptight about that? A Corporation talked to the newspaper? “Newspaper are you saying a Corporation talked to you? And you are sure it wasn't a palace or a house?” “You do know that a palace is not a person and cannot talk? Are you aware of that?”

Gee my house is white! That means I can say “the white house told me” just like the paper says, “The palace told us.”

So here is an applicable petition! That young woman states that she was bullied, in no uncertain terms! In legal terms there isn't much difference between the murderer and the person that paid them to murder! Why should there be a difference between the pimp and the person who paid him in a very discrete manner to pimp, abuse and bully? No matter what sea's separate them! Get it?

Also, if Epstein was convicted on sex offenses then he should be in the online photo database.  So I would like to post a link to his photo if I could find it!  But I bet the search would be a futile waste of time!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 01 03 2015

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