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Friday, January 9, 2015

In your entire adult work life did anyone like being with you? 01 09 2015

In your entire adult work life did anyone like being with you?

I can answer for myself and I can answer yes, because the voices are always with me when I work!

Albeit they are causing a distraction and attempting to ruin everything I do as if they are of some odd breed. But that makes the absolute value to the first question, yes!

Having your work distracted while you are doing it is the best contrary indicator of how good your work and capability really is! And therefore when they entirely seek to actively prevent you from using a specific skill set it really means that you are the gold standard of success to them!

So what about the person who can not answer that question for themselves and the rest of us answer it as no for them? They are an abomination of men aren't they!

They are very tense and uncomfortable around real men! They will utter veiled insults! But why? Because the concept of father son love is an abomination to them! It is something they can't stand because it can never be true for them. Hence they want to distract the thinking of men and the sons of men. And that is indeed the term the Bible used to describe Jesus Christ, “A son of man!” It is making a distinction between that and an unknown qualifier isn't it! A “A son of man” versus a son that isn't without telling us what the “isn't” is. Making an allusion to a son of something else without saying or mentioning what that something else is! ...without saying what the son not of man is really a son of!

I know how it thinks!  I can see it in its aura!  Just as you can see that a cat is charging its muscles and tried to hide its focus that it is going to bite you again!  (I see this behavior in Hispanic males a lot!)
Takes me back to high school so I will add it as a humorous interjection. In High School there was a young man in our class that they called womanly. He wasn't gay or anything like that per my knowledge but they called him that. I think it was more a play on words of his surname.

It has to do with male bonding and the imprintation of a fathers brain wave onto his son while they are working together and the son is leering and developing!

What is the father that never has anything to teach his son or never wants to teach his son anything constructive?

But what am I getting at! They liked you not for you but more because you were part of a gang or tribal behavior in the workforce! No that isn't quite it.

Jews never allowed to say the name of God.

But the son of not of man was not imprinted by the brain of a man. Now lets say he was imprinted by the on average 10% smaller female brain? Does that extra 10% gone wrong lead to organized criminal behavior? Yes, I assert it does! Not to mention what happened wrong to the other 90% of it!

Now lets say you add minute influence of brain birth defective drugs to the equation?

Why did they like you? Because you proved to be an instrumental focal point for teasing and harassment of the same person! So tribal behavior, networked criminal behavior, gang behavior and a tribe of shrewdness is all about the same to me!

Is the United States Financial Industry really a form of Kings Divine Right Religion that has no place in the United States? What is the Corporate Shield? It is really Divine Right! What is calling a Corporation really a person? It is really the new grammatical term of “Indemnity Persona.” And what does that really amount to? It amounts to Congress allowing Corporate managers to have titles of nobility that are illegal per the United States Constitution!

Can you see the image of leering and salivating jowls I am creating.

Where does my writing come from? As I work in the workshop I think to attempt to make something to earn a living about or write about. While I am thinking and working my mind is distracted by voices. Then my thinking centers around what that origin of voices is. And then I analyze that personality. Where did it come from? What is this person or group of people really like? What do they represent?

So black people think participating in a religion or state institution that demonizes white Americans and causes schizophrenia is a good idea? Ask yourself who it was that freed you from slavery? Ask yourself who it was that attempted to keep you in slavery and aided the Confederate South in the Civil War? It was Englishmen! Ask yourself this, if they wanted to enslave you back then what do you think will happen after you have demonized the minds of all the normal human being Americans and caused a medical fraud of mental illness? What do you think will happen to black people at that time? You will be enslaved again. And it is poetic justice isn't it! You helped create and foster mental slaves for money and then you yourself got enslaved after all the men who would save you were driven insane by you! You won't be able to escape the next time because of your own complicit actions. You knew better but you failed to speak up because you were given a little good life. And that exact sentence is what some of our founding fathers warned us against!

But when the person who answers no to the first question above is rewarded with success in the United States what does it say about us?  It say's a framework was created so that could happen!  So the way to defeat it is to defeat the framework piece by piece because it does not conform with the freedom of men represented by our Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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