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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Petition for Death Penalty to Bullies 01 03 2015

Petition for Death Penalty to Bullies 01 03 2015

The Declaration of Independence and Our Constitution were created so that our Nation would never be bullied again!

We are also faced with the instance of bullying on a school and community level today and it has been stated to be at epidemic proportions.

What are some of criteria that can be used as diagnosis of someone being a bully?

  1. Stalking your child. Including following him or her home and waiting at places the bully knows your child must pass by.
  2. Physical abuse. And some of it is disabling. Including but not limited to, hitting, kicking, kneeing and scratching (including scratching at face and eyes.)
  3. Sexual Abuse, including actions to harm sex organs and the normal reproductive potential of your child.
  4. Constant insult and emotional abuse.
  5. Becoming a leader of a gang in order to step up and delegate further abuse of your child!
  6. Fixation on your child.
  7. Constant staring at your child.
  8. Homosexual desires for your child.
  9. Attempting to convince your child that they are really a homosexual.
  10. Attempting sodomization or rape of your child.
  11. The desire and act to strip your child naked.
  12. Acts consistent with kidnapping your child. (The recent Waukesha County stabbings by 12 year old girls. Inviting a girl over for a sleepover not out of friendship but with premeditation (planning) with the intent and act of then stabbing her 19 times! )
  13. Torture (As per recent Waukesha case)
  14. Planning events where they can be mean to your child. (Waukesha case a prime example.)
  15. Adult fostered participation? Subjectively grading your child lower than their achievement really was!
  16. Expressions of the emotions of jealousy, hatred, envy and rudeness. Often with the intent to weaken your child and their sense of self esteem.
  17. Pushing of drugs to your child.
  18. Prostitution of your child! (Yes it has happened in Milwaukee per the recent news. We have a mayor who talks like his mouth is full of candy.)
  19. Phone based harassment of you child! Many types!
  20. Internet based harassment. Recent incidences have included sharing of naked pictures of the child. (Taken from locker room or stripping of the child?)
  21. Recurrent attempted murder of your child!
  22. Constant maintenance of fear of your child.
  23. Taunting and harassment.
  24. Dyslexia, learning disorders, attention deficit disorders.
  25. Using sports games as an opportunity to harm your child in unfair play!
  26. Desire to effeminate your son. Or apparently masculate (nw?) your daughter!!!! “She wasn't tough enough, man enough, to handle the two little girls in Waukesha wielding the knives!” (Can you hear the deep voiced little brat girl already?)
  27. Being mean to your child and then offering drugs to them as if the bully is befriending them by giving them drugs! (This is getting very depressing to write! Which means society needs to eradicate this problem a lot quicker.
  28. Offering your child gateway drugs then drugs for pocket money. Essentially that bully is taking control of a community by attaining and maintaining criminal money at a young age! The drugs come from organized crime and foster organized crime! But you like that in the United States don't you!

There are probably a lot more criteria than that which have been cataloged. We see a great many definitions of the mentally ill published. How come we never see meanness lists like this published? Because the mean person is very emotionally insecure and therefore disturbed! All right all well and good we should be merciful to them? No, the fact is they project that insecurity onto other people through meanness and bullying, and cannot learn not to! When you can't learn something it means you have a brain defect or mental retardation. The dictionary definition of “retard” is to delay the development of. Hence what we see is that the bully wants to delay the development of your normal child! That is evidence of a regressive genetic trait (Genetic birth defect? We just can't seem to figure out what causes it. Nothing to do with alcohol of course!) manifesting and empowering itself over human civilization and it has no place in the world today!

I do not consider this to be a draconian law in any way!

We don't need to fuss over the details of it having to accomplished in a certain way.

Means, hanging, beheading, weighted drowning, bullet to the back of the head, are all very quick and effective.

So why am I starting this petition?

It has to do with the initiative to make public schools private! Whereby a wealthy parent can evade having their bully child expelled from the education system via the gift or donation of money tr what amounts to political influence or pressure upon the teachers and education staff!

It isn't fair that a child that is expelled from public school gets to have an education that is bought for them; without any change in behavior! We do not create a paid cocooned environment where bad kids can be spoiled and their bad behavior condoned!

There should not be any of the oh what happened to that child after expulsion, oh he lives with his uncle. There should be none of this, no that child does not qualify as a sexual predator banned from living in your community because it doesn't meet the adult age requirements!

The bully will indeed transition to electronic harassment and the satanic desire to psychiatric-ally medicate the archetype of your child when they become adults! That is what no one told you about!

The private school industry is coming because George Bushes “No child left behind policy is destroying the public education system!” No child left behind? What is that? It is granting of graduation whether education was earned or not! Paying for an education or degree whether it was earned or not! Paying for an education without the child attaining the real knowledge and learning of education! Are you trying to tell me that a Bully that is graduated actually learned anything good? They didn't learn anything at all! They didn't even learn what they should have known on the very first day of school!

George Bush legitimized not the home of the brave and the free, but rather bully nation!

Could this law be misapplied? Yes! Any and all laws are indeed misapplied! But here is something you never considered! This is one of those laws that will help to rid the world of those who come into power with the willful intent of misapplying laws!!!! Get it? Yes it could be misapplied, however they are indeed dependent on and to the minds of normal human beings so it isn't like to occur unless they contrive a novel way to be dependent on fewer human minds! Such as networked harassment based technology and discrete broadcasting of the harassment. In fact that is exactly why they bully your child to establish a link of dependency to their human mind! Like I said our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written to prevent it from happening! We might have to go so far as needing an amendment to further articulate the problem and firmly legislate this as a solution!

So I have equated bullying with drug dealing haven't I? How come no one ever thought to do so before? Marijuana causes more delayed mental development (retardation) than alcohol. You can't be more of a worse form of bully than that! The Reverend Jesse Jackson came to Milwaukee last night. Jesse, so a white man is the distributor to the drug dealers in a black neighborhood; what do we do about him? Dead and gone quicker than the morning sun rises per this proposed new law!

Drugs target children with the goal of creating mental retardation. That is a pre- dater mentality!

This would be the best form of population control there ever could be! It would indeed prevent psychotic personalities from becoming wealthy corporate executives.

Enough, get those miserable and means kids out of our communities!

If you agree and want a better future for everyone, then sign this petition that is being circulated!!! 

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 01 03 2015 at:

Post Script items:

29. Also attempting to blind or create deafness in your child!

30.  Attempt to produce renal failure by punches to the back of the kidney while you child is not looking!

31. Putting your child in Choke Holds, depriving their brains of oxygen and "blacking" them out.

32. Head "Butting"; the Bully has absolutely NOTHING to lose in this one!

I will assert that bullying is a precursor to criminal behavior as an adult; so indeed this measure would greatly lessen the burden Law Enforcement currently faces!

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