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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Voices Operate In Complete Envy 01 04 2015

The Voices Operate In Complete Envy 01 04 2015

Alway's trying to prove what can never be proven!  The more they attempt to prove something the more we know it can never be proven.

What is that?  It is someone that has a lifetime chip on their shoulder!

It is also indicative of a defective serotonin regulation gene!

Now I know what you are thinking!  If people just keep attempting to prove something, eventually they can be successful at it!!  Through perseverance! But what is that really the equivalent of? Attempting to prove that the sun will not come up tomorrow!  To actively make it happen so that you are right would be the death of us all!

So it relates to a death motivation doesn't it!  That chip on the shoulder.  And that makes the person the embodiment of a crime against humanity!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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