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Friday, January 2, 2015

What does a mentally retarded person have to lose in a conflict with a normal person 01 02 2015 on our edcuation system

What does a mentally retarded person have to lose in a conflict with a normal person 01 02 2015

If a person doesn't take their life seriously and respect themselves and their body or mind what are they going to have to lose in a conflict with a normal person?

That is part of the reason we have the second amendment.  That is a vague form of the decision making of those who believe in divine right.


Ask yourself this with regard to children that have learning disabilities.  Does the child or is the child able to obey its parents when they tell it to behave and be quiet; or rather is the child of the divine right belief?  That it can do whatever it wants!  That it does not have to account for any of its behavior and messes it creates in life?

We never want something like that which will not emotionally and mentally maturing having a position of power in the world of responsible adults!

But the point I want to emphasize with regard to that last paragraph is this; is a child like that due process evidence that the parents are of that exact same belief system?

Innacountability for any actions because they feel themselves superior by Divine Right?  What is divine right?  It is the inability to have introspection, accurate analysis and then synthesis...accurate comprehension!

And again how can you tell if someone has accurate comprehension?  It comes from the ability to listen to and respect the spoken word!  So again does that child interrupt, in the form of spoiled fits, the spoken word of adults?  In the workplace as an adult does that adult aged child like to interrupt the relaxed working mind of adult human beings?  And that right there is the cause of the medical fraud of schizophrenia!  I just gave you the archetype!

You likely don't understand what I mean.  But that is okay.  I am sure someone can decipher it to understand it as to how it was written to be understood.

When you see a car has a recall do you immediately say to yourself that was an employee who did not deserve to be in the engineering position they were in and they got there from what can only amount to networked crime?  I do!

In a world of men there are certain functions that we do not delegate as being an experiment as to whether it is safe for human beings or not!  Men do not think in terms of get it out the door we have money to make!  If we don't make money we will go bankrupt!  Sell it and get it out the door!  Here is the clue, if that is your restricted philosophy with regard to safety then you should have been bankrupt a long time ago!  And you should have never been allowed to participate in American Industry!  But the presence of you in American Industry is ubiquitous today; isn't it!  You granted yourself divine right!  You had to because their was no way you could work, make money and keep your wife happy at the same time!  And who are the most highly paid members of our society today?  Those who play professional sports!  Even a dog knows what a stomp is!  So a faction of our society has indeed granted themselves the divine right to play a childhood game for a living!  And they do not play it to the professional level that some children who would have never sought such a career because it is beneath them; but ended up very mysteriously mentally disabled anyway.  What faction of our society would feel they have the divine right to create the mentally disabled in medical fraud?  They do not belong in the United States!

So back to the title of this article and the integration of learning disabled children into all in one classrooms.  What kind of conflicts will occur?  How will the education of normal children be compromised?  I see the issue in Private Education whereas Scott Walker see's it in public education? 

The Divine right to educate in private education?

It is getting to be like I am responding to an evil robot that writes the news!

So the headline in the paper wanted a concept call the state to take over public schools and have them run by the state or private industry.  Am I the only one who immediately objects to the state being inclusive of the  concept of private industry?  Am I the only one who believed that public schools were indeed controlled by the state in a form of Government funding versus private funding? 

When you don't like public schools you don't take them private for doled out profits!  The private Utility industry has ruined this countries environment very quickly!  How fast would it happen with private schools?  If you can't pick through the fraudulent elements of religion perhaps you suffer from the ignorance anyway?  That is like three card montey!  I always hate this and I am going to boil it right down!  They are making a for profit industry out of what was formally free!  We need to turn that clock completely backwards!  All television free!  Sponsored installations of free and renewable solar energy!  Etc.  And there are quite a few more of these!

But what do those private schools amount to?  A gorilla woman overseeing emotionally disturbed children?

Wait a minute!  This all stems from George Bush doesn't it!  Look how it failed after his no child left behind policy!  First we had no child left behind create undo burdens on the public school system and then we have the republican profit keeper drive to privatize schools to create a for profit industry!  "Let's make money in education!  We can do this!  Let's make money in education!"  Teaching isn't monetarily motivated and never should be!  You never want the shrewd to be teaching your children or as adults in college!  Why not?  In college they will be teaching them things that will not be useful in the business world!  What you will face your first day in the business world is an emotionally retarded person who believes himself to have the right to indoctrinate divine right per his will!  And indeed that is the Investment and Tea Party industry today!

So a while back I put the college graduate women up to the challenge that they served no benefit to society because kids could not be educated.  And this is the response.  Lets create an environment where we can teach and highly control the profits from it!  Okay so here is where that goes!  Once you make education for profit what have you created?  A networked or criminal employment structure throughout the united states!  "That child's parents are not part of my click I will not recommend him in the adult workforce!"  And what again does that amount to?  An emotionally disturbed adult acting in envy of the normal children of loving parents in her or his classroom!

Private school?  You likely don't remember the chain smoking nuns who were principle or the weak minded males who could not discipline the children because if they did big money would talk and they would fear for their job!  Okay there it is right there and I flushed out the horror of private Catholic school.  Favoritism based on money!

And this was pushed forth by George Bush!

So follow the idiot trail and see where it goes!

If you don't have money you won't be able to afford to give your kids an education in the future!  Why?  The funds to the voucher program get cut!  Why?  Because the rich don't want to pay themselves with their own money!  They feel that they control the Government through divine right!  They establish the structure of for profit through the voucher system!  Then rather conveniently they will pull the plug for lack of proceeds to fund it anymore! They don't want their wealth status challenged by those who are normal and far more intelligent than they will ever be!

Are you getting to understand why I equated Ivy League with Dowry League?

Won't you love that future!  Your child can't go to grade school because you can't afford it!

Now in order to properly address the problem you have to break the for profit alcohol industry!  The leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!

But what are they doing so that will never happen?  They are putting up another layered military barricade with the introduction of legalized marijuana!

There was a movie, I forget the name,  maybe "Suburban Mom" or "Valley Mom" or something like that whereby a good suburban mom is seen cocking a long barreled pump shotgun on her front step! She had had enough of just that sort of thing!  We have not seen that happen in the United States but in order for positive change to happen that is how it will have to start!

"My kid came home high and raped, and I am going to do something about it today!"  I believe you have the United States Constitution solidly behind you!  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  You don't know who Joan of Arc was do you!

Again the mentally retarded can pick away at our freedom and our constitution left and right, why?  They have nothing to lose in doing so!

So if you agree with me then sign my petition to hold those in government accountable!

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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