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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Babbletalk of the day 01 01 2014

Babbletalk of the day 01 01 2014

"The little bi7ch knows when you are masturbating!"

"There are 89.3 million Cows in the United States!  I will give you each one of them and you can leave the country!"

"And that is indeed what the minister Farrakhan asked us for, we are to give them food for 20 years!  Well Farrakhan if I give you each a cow that should suffice. Those India India's have the black gene as do your Jews, and the German Americans, and the Italian Americans and the Norwegians and the Polish and the Russians and the English Americans too!  You each get a cow and an eviction slip."

I take this all back and pray for better times.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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