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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ronn Johnson Teacher in home Child Sexual Molester and PRIVATE School Advocate 01 01 2013

Ronn Johnson Teacher in home Child Sexual Molester and PRIVATE School Advocate 01 01 2013

It brings up a psychological issue.  How many children have adults perform oral sex on them and that is why they became gay?  If there was anything that would create a lifetime delusion as to ones sexual identity it would be that right there!  And after they are hooked by the pleasure of the oral sex then all different types of sexual abuse occur?  I believe this crime is much more serious than people realize.  I also believe it is deserving of the death penalty.  Some of these children have had their ability to have their family line passed down mutilated and destroyed!  That violates your guarantied right to LIFE per the Constitution; and if that is not what is implied by LIFE then no other right to LIFE should ever be implied!  The right to LIFE does not extend to the unborn because a human being does not breath through a placenta cord; a human being breaths AIR!  Don't ask me to prove that!
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And Ron Johnson was indeed in League with Scott Walker and the Private School initiative!!!!  PRIVATE is in all caps for the title of this article; as in Children are sexually molested by adults in private.

Just by looking at his picture I can tell that he was effeminate!  And this has bad implications for what the Boy Scouts want to indoctrinate.

And forgive me but I am getting the gestalt of a Rabbi kissing the newly circumcised penis at a Bris as a matter of tradition or rather indoctrination.  I am also getting the gestalt of the founding of the German Nazi party being comprised of homosexuals and pederasty.  Then I revert to the book of Galatians. 

The point I would like to make is that if there were ever justification to see that Private schools were completely put out of business and made illegal what we learned of Ron Johnson would be the Human Reason!  The lack of accountability is purposeful!

Now I have heard that their are men (big gorilla chested German men) that live in my neighborhood that invite boy's into their basements to work on woodshop projects and the concept bothers me!  Why does that have to be in private?  Every community should have a Community Shop!  And as I said before this is a crime that deserves the death penalty.  But not only that the story of every child that was sexually molested should form the new stations of the cross at every church in every community the world over.  For those of you who are not aware the stations of the cross are scenes from Jesus Christ being crucified.  Now I am getting off track here but I will keep on typing.

On a CNN Christmas Special it told us that David who is worshiped by the Jews.  Was indeed a rapist and he also ran what is called a Protection Racket!  That has great implications with regard to our Health Insurance industry and modern Tea Party initiative!  Not only that two of Davids sons were rapists!  And per my memory if David raped your daughter and you objected he had you killed.  When I look closely at the statue of David I see that the eyes and face are the exact same as the son of a wealthy Milwaukee Jewish Lawyer that was disbarred.  I had some interaction with him in High School and college.  For instance one day after school at high school I was playing basketball at my own house and he rode his bicycle up my driveway and asked to play.  I figure he is just trying to make friends.  He threw a lot of elbows and did a lot of pushing.  Then he came walking up to me and expanded the elastic on his pants out by the waist about a foot away from his belly to show me his penis.  Right then I wanted to deck him into the ground but I knew his father was a very prominent Jewish Lawyer in the Milwaukee Area so I didn't.  Later on when I worked at Spinelli's Amoco during college 1988 or so, he came riding up on his bicycle a few times.  One time he put some candy in the shirt pocket of an elderly man who was pumping gas.  Another time he came riding up to me at the station again and said, "Well, well look at what we have here!"  Now I worked with another young man and he was Jewish and a good man.  His father was a psychologist.  I said to him the next time I see that kid come up here and he bothers me I am going to deck him, I don't care!  And what did that good employee say to me?  "Don't you know he is mentally retarded."  A sense of shock came over me! I almost wanted to cry.  I had never known that he was mentally retarded I just thought he was a psycho bully!  But the point is that is what those same screwy eyes on the Statue of David.  Abraham had two sons.  God asked him to kill the first.  And David was the second.  David was said to slew the Giant Goliath.  But when I read the psalms of David I interpret them quite differently.  Knowing that David was indeed a serial rapist.  When you listen to those psalms you realize that David is singing them as if he were indeed the victim; he is mocking his own victims in song!  The psalms were meant to be sung!  And when I was a boy I asked my father what the Jews believed in.  He told me to read the psalms because that is what they believed in.

But here is what may or may not be the good part.  The name Jesus is phonetically very similar to the Greek God of mythology Theseus.

And if indeed you read the Thesaurus it means a book that has words that mean the same thing.

And Doctoral Graduate students are said to work on something called a Thesis!

But the fact that Theseus is so phonetically similar to Jesus leads me to believe Jesus was indeed from the lineage of David.  And David was indeed in the Protection Business.  That is called extortion.  And the Bible too mentions that the Tax Collectors extorted from people and Matthew apostle to Jesus was indeed one of them!

But what of Theseus?  He was said to have created an occult of Aphrodite.  And indeed that is exactly when John F. Kennedy con-notated Ivy League Universities amounted to!

But in either the book of Matthew or the Book of Mark one version states that Jesus had sisters and the other version states that he had none.  One of those books also tells that after someone defeats the Devil he comes back with 7 of his friends to demonize you further!  So there we have 8 of the 12 apostles.  Now Mark himself was the Tax collector so he is number 9.  And the other three were indeed scribes that wrote accounts of everything.  And Jesus himself was said to come home to his family with riches!  They rejected him because of it.  Jesus also knew the demons that had possessed people in order to make them sick!  I could give you the references in the book of Mark and Matthew but not at this time.  So in effect when Jesus was commanding a man to be healed he was indeed telling those who were demonically possessing him for his human soul to beg off!  After that Matthew collected his healing fees!  So that is indeed the nature of our German based pharma in the U.S. and the drive of the Tea Party.  When 30,000 people are killed by one prescription based pharmaceutical alone in the United States that is Genocide!  After Jesus was baptized he lost his ability to demonize others and wandered through the dessert for 40 days and forty nights.

I have stated that Schizophrenia is a medical fraud!  The symptoms are real and horrific but it is a medical fraud create in the above manner!  History will indeed prove me right for I know it is true.  And one more thing.  Adolf Hitlers who was a voyeur and into the occult had the motto was "My honor is truth!"  We all believe in truth so that bothers us when we hear it from him, much like it bothers us when we hear the term Tea Party being used by those who are the direct opposite of what it meant in terms of U.S. History!  But where did I come across that goal of another group being TRUTH.  The Jewish Kabbalah (Cabala) is indeed the Jewish Occult and that is what they too state that their goal is TRUTH.  And some scholars have stated that Kabbalah amounts to Witchcraft.  Those who are said to practice it are Orthodox Jews, they are said to be the same as Pharisees. And I also believe the Pharisees might be the confidants to the Pharos of Egypt.  There are indeed passages of the Bible that State Israel and Egypt were one.  And I also believe that the God whom Moses met at the Burning bush was likely the Pharo, and that they had pre-arranged the meeting.  And what does the Bible say about Jews and Palestinians or Arabs?  That it is very hard to tell the difference between them genetically.  And hence we have what I believe to be an orchestrated Energy policy based on controlled oil that seeks to destroy the freedom of the United States!

I would like to get into the Robert Koch being a bacteriologist and also how the Johnson family sought to qualify to be a military industrial contractor through building controls.  And what that means in terms of Watergate and the White House being tapped and bugged.  But also what it means in terms of what Snowden has revealed regarding the U.S. tapping every other country there is!  If the United States wealth class ever wanted to create a "Scorched Earth" policy and destroy the United States by provoking foreign nations that would be how it would be accomplished!

Schizophrenics are indeed victims of Kabbalah activity!  And that medical fraud is going to be defeated in the United States!

And I have one thing to say with regard to all of this and I am going to try and trademark the term,


It is a violation of the United States to give a person an addictive substance because it violates their guarantied right to LIBERTY because they are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it because it is addictive!

Note to self: Look up Biblical references and add text in quotes like I did before. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 01 2014 at:

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  And what is Abraham lifting his sword to kill a child but then not?  It is a form of newborn exorcism just like Baptism!   The first son had that exorcise and the second DAVID did not!  Very revealing isn't it! And perhaps those who never receive childhood exorcism are bound to the souls of others in life and dependent minded all their lives!  And indeed sexual molestation or sexual gratification of a baby or child does not amount to exorcism but just the opposite?

Holy 5417 my Colombo mind keeps ticking!  Another story in the local paper told of how a young man that treats autistic child was found to be head butting one, kicking him and punching him!  That appears to me that there is an occult form of autism care whereby they believe they can make that child healthy through abuse or they are traumatizing human being children in order to make them autistic!  That was said to be what wealthy English Bankers did to babies per the Occult and since they were bankers it means they were in it in order to determine future outcomes?  England was the druid land and that is what the believed in.  They were founded by the Roman empire!  And the U.S. has fought them a great many times in bloody Wars.  It was not until FDR the Englishman who was President that repealed Prohibition came into office that the United States first sided with England.  In fact the U.S. was stating itself to be neutral in the war while at the very same time shipping supplies to England.  Prior to that in U.S. History we loathed them because they tried to take us over in the Revolutionary War and they also helped the Confederate South in the Civil War.  The Confederate's were the slave owning south and England helped them during the Civil War!!!!  FDR's family money came from Opiate trade with China!  That is the drug business; pharmaceutical!  And that too came into being after WWII in the United States in a great way.  Did they also figure out a way to make people need more pain pills?  Yes they did and that is called the Scalar wave invented by Nikolas Tesla.  For all we know the entirety of Germany was influenced by that Scalar wave technology and no less than that is what they admitted to in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.  They use the term " like technology..."

So indeed it appears it works two ways to exorcise the spirit from a child versus to steal the soul of an adult through trauma exorcism to give to children who will not be exorcised?  One creates a race of women or primate minded.  The opposite of exorcism being demonization!


And Robert Koch was indeed a famous German Bacteriologist.  There is more going on there than has been publicly revealed and when I say that I mean things that are highly relevant to world history and the future of humanity!  Did the Nazi Germans experiment on Jews in order to make them mentally retarded or mentally ill and then kill them? And were some of those that died in WWII really victims of chemical weapons from WWI?  Atrazine in our rural water supply is a derivative of Zyclone B or Hydrogen Cyanide and  works in much the same way that alcohol does in that it deprives the hippo campus of oxygen,  the hippo campus is the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory and it is highly sensitive to "metabolic insult!"  Without the hippo campus none of us would ever become human and have Human Reason and Human Conscience.

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