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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Suggestions for Microsoft 01 02 2014

Suggestions for Microsoft 01 02 2013

Software that is part of a word processor, inherent to it.  Whereby related documents can be stored in that single word processor document with one file name.  And this might indeed include blended word documents to spreadsheet capability of related documents in the same file.

The documents can also have interoperability to upload automatically to web pages.
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The different documents in the single text document might be thought of as chapters in a book.  Or to do lists that have become segmented and further segmented because they have become lists larger than one list can be and thereby need to have their own headings and organizational groupings.

Such software should also have a feature called Convert to novel Format whereby the user just enters what are called novel format parameters or a what might be have its own standardized term called Novel Format Parameter Name________.  Whereby all the user needs to do is download one file and access via the word processor to make the text comply to the format.

The software could also be used to publish Doctoral type thesis's!  I have always believed that every Doctoral Thesis ever granted should indeed be published for everyone to see, and in our modern world that means on the internet!  And also Doctoral thesis's should use laymen's terms or references to what legalese language concepts mean in layman's reference at the bottom of each page.  This would indeed help prevent what I might call the Poisoned World Syndrome.  Also it would indeed allow us to review in retrospect those who have committed and been convicted of crimes to have their Doctoral Thesis's openly and freely viewed by the public.  The principle would be, "See how that got to the position it did!"  And the personality analysis would be determined from the reading of such thesis to bar such individuals from higher education efforts.  Much like Adolf Hitler was barred from the Art University for being a Voyeur.  He made his niece take off her clothes and he painted her?  I am getting off topic here.  But I believe that any college professor that has sexual relations with a student that has not graduated should be barred from academia.  Also in the above example those who allowed the Doctoral Candidate to graduate and approved their thesis should indeed have their name and identity on the thesis, as well as their personal biography!  Now that would indeed serve to clean the filth out of our higher education system!  It would also keep them off of our television.  It and other measures should have happened a long, long time ago!

The way to handle how unrelated file types might appear in order when uploaded to a website would be to just apply hierarchical tab settings to the documents at the base of the program interface.  Hence a great many scientific studies and or other proofs can indeed be published rather quickly.  The software might be called Blitz?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS.  And you know where I am going with that?  The public gets to add commentary on the individual to further discredit them before or after they have been convicted.  And wouldn't that be the best way to gather witnesses?  So the song goes, "Can I get a witness?"

It brings up an interesting point,  "Do teachers refer students that they know are naive and trusting into the sex trafficking trade?"

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