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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Updated A woman on Cosby, "The man that she met is nothing like the man they were describing" updated

A woman on Cosby, "The man that she met is nothing like the man they were describing"

The question then becomes, then who was he while on the show?  It is pretty easy to figure out isn't it?  He was the women he raped!  And then when that wore off he needed a recharge didn't he?

What proof do I have of the concept?  Admittance from a sexual victimizer on the Oprah show!  He stated that when after he molested people he saw their whole life flash before him!

So Cosby became a quick study in some way?  Let's see if he has the courage to admit it!

Now the Nazi's did a lot of experiments on what type of Jews?  Orthodox Jews!  And why did they chose them?  Well from my memory the Orthodox Jew was not a drinker!  They were very health conscious!  So if they were not drinkers they would have more normal hippo campus's!

I believe that Nazi's traumatized them in scientific experiments in order to part the soul in just the manner mentioned above!  And they called it psychiatry!

So in part that is what my next petition is trying to root out!

And that would sure dispel any elements of racism the accusations brought!  And that is a positive thing to do in the United States isn't it!

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Meredith Vieira and a black woman on her show (were just defending Bill Cosby's integrity!

You would think that a man of Bill Cosby's integrity would want to take the Defendant/self witness stand to completely debunk all these claims and clear his name!  That he would want all of those 23 women subpoenaed to testify against him so that he cane refute it and completely clear his name?

That is exactly how dumb those on television think we are!

Can you see the women sobbing in fear for him?  Can you see him attempting to hide the shame?  Are you as good a reader of non verbal cues as I am?  FBI agents are said to be good at it!

Cosby wants to sit through all that and listen to the detailed accounts and allegations!

Okay so the statute of limitations is completely off.  Lets say though that money was involved!  Let's say that a person made a billion dollars via some satanic protocol as above?  Should the statute of limitations still apply?  Well we can't convict Cosby because the statute of limitations is up.  But can't we stage a mock inquiry type trial in a case like this?  So that a man of Cosby's integrity can clear his name?

Jesus Christ wouldn't that be great for Show Business Television ratings!  Oh Holy Cow, that would get better ratings that the entirety of Cosby shows ever!  Brilliant!

Okay is that really English Common law that has absolutely NO business in the United States!

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