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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Journalists Interview Athletes on Television as if they are brave Homeless Veterans 01 08 2015

What every Journalist Should Know

Journalists Interview Athletes on Television as if they are brave Homeless Veterans 01 08 2015

They Interview Athletes on Television as if they are brave Homeless Veterans.  As if that athlete is the most brave person in the world!  But you never ever see them interview a homeless veteran!  To me that veteran is one of the most honest and brave people in the world!  The fact that a great many are homeless validates our Constitutional provision that we are not to have an army in times of peace better than anything!  What does it amount to?  Genocide of the prophets!

So what does this bring me back to?  What was Abraham Lincolns reconstruction program for the South?  There has to be a lot of his writing on the subject!  So where is it?  And more importantly is that the reason he was assassinated. We know that another prominent abolitionist Charles Sumner wanted the entire South to lose its statehood and for Great Britain to give the United States Canada in return for their helping the south in the Civil War!!  So how did they nix that?  They assassinated Lincoln didn't they!


On the radio on the way home today I heard that 9 out of 10 Journalists who are killed never have the killer brought to justice!  What does that amount to?  Genocide of the prophets!

You are not going to like the next concept concerning what a heathenized god is.  But a heathenized god is someone that doesn't have their own soul.  In effect they see more out of their minds eye than anything!  It is like the stories of people who have had near death experiences and see themselves laying on the operating table from above in the room.  Only it is that person who doesn't have a soul that is with them in the case of journalists!  So what does it mean?  It means that heathen God who the Literate journalist mind was likely a template to all his life can control the will of those in the immediate area too and influence them!  So you wonder why the foreign journalists are killed?  It is that evil will that is with them waiting for opportunity!

Now those of us who hear voices know its presence!  We know the bad souls are with us! And we have human normal hippocampus's and that is the distinction it makes us literate!  Literate used to be equated with elite! But now elite just means your parents were wealthy and you are also likely a heathen god from fetal alcohol syndrome.  Literacy is key with regard to journalists!  Why?  It is a little known fact that up to 14.5% of Americans suffer from some form of dyslexia!  That birth defect can only come from alcohol!  And it is a development disability.  Do you know what the dictionary definition of "retard" is?  To delay the development of!

When that template, prophet of a person reaches adulthood, the heathen gods no longer want to have to time their minds from that same training wheel template of a normal human being.

So why do I mention Abraham Lincoln?  What would he think if there were homeless veterans while the media is interviewing professional athletes as if they were War hero's!  It wouldn't be consistent with his beliefs would it!  And there was a list of family names that were involved in crime in the South and North kept at a library that burnt down!  So perhaps that was part of that coverup?  I ask these questions as I wonder about English law in the United States!  Particularly the statute of limitations regard Bill Cosby and the 23 women who he accused of drugging and raping!  Did those English laws come into this country from a failed reconstruction of the south?

I also want to know if the Jews trading money for Cotton with the Confederate soldiers were also receiving mash whiskey in the bags of cotton?  Grant put out a special order of eviction for them because he believed they were aiding the Confederate South and were a hindrance as they trailed behind the Union troops with their empty cotton bags?  Something he didn't like.  Not that alcohol was illegal in the North per my knowledge.  But seems like something funny was going on there!  Why were they not more concerned with grabbing arms and fighting the confederate south for example? Why wasn't that front and central in their minds?

So who did the CIA bring back from Nazi Germany in operation paperclip?  Who were those 1600?  Where they working on trauma in order to create the business of psychiatry in order to medicate those who served as a template for the Fetal Alcohol Children? Where those Nazi's working on television technology?  We know from the Nuremberg trials that they admitted to doing everything possible using Radio type technology to create a "dependent minded nation of 80 million!" 

And what did Marconi exclaim to the Pope at that time with regard to radio technology?  "We have harnessed the power of the Gods."  ~paraphrased quote from memory.

If you think that I am right then sign my petition to bring light to the subject!


Now someone who worked for the Milwaukee Journal before the Milwaukee Sentinel and Journal Merged into one told me that there used to be a dark alleyway between the two buildings and quite frequently a reporter was hit with a blunt object on the head causing hemorrhage!  If you are in a parking lot keep your eyes open for anyone walking behind you!  I had one walking behind me today at Sendik's on Silver Spring and Lake Drive!  He had a Slavic Jewish face and I have seen him before.  He came out of nowhere once when I was at Menards on Brown Deer road wielding a tire iron.  When I looked at him he rather menacingly tucked it back in its bag like it was normal shopping behavior!

Now I did not have one episode of the voices starting today as if by a technological means after I wrote that every time it happens it feels like the equivalent of being head butted or "Black jacked"  So to complain means to stay.

"Black Jack" do you see the inference?  Union Jack?  Supporting blacks?  Hit over the head by the mafia by a lead pipe?

Now I have to mention that Italian kid in Whitefish Bay who liked to grab kids by their cerebral arteries with the palm of his and  cut off the circulation to their frontal lobes!  That isn't a lot different than the Italians that put their kids in choke holds and black them out! It also isn't different than....well you have to ask if they didn't figure out a way to cause autism.  When I was a boy a Jewish divorce lawyer told me that sometimes when babies are delivered they crush the backs of their skulls.  So you have to wonder if a bad Doctor or hospital nurse would do that do a baby and cause autism?  Aurora means Goddess of the Dawn!  Dawn of what?  The dead?  Now the Jews were indeed heathenized by the Romans!  And there is some history with regard to that I need to look into too!

But with regard to that English Common law present here!  We know because it is listed in the Declaration of Independence that the King of England was attempting to change United States Laws!  And we also know there much difference between U.S. law and English law?  I would say no! 

Our Constitution would not allow for the sale and consumption of addictive substances.  Because they are addictive it violates your right to liberty because you are not at liberty to stop taking them! 

So here is my petition regarding the 1600 identities of those in Operation Paperclip.

Sure it kind of rambles on.  But consider that if you don't have any clue about what I am talking about and you have literary capability you might be at a high risk of genocide!  Like I said I hear them and you do not!  How many are killed by friendly fire in War?  Far too many!

You better believe it!

Would Abraham Lincoln say it was a matter of secrecy that U.S. soldiers not say anything about what they saw?  No!  But our media today does not interview homeless veterans!  I say that sports broadcasts are ended until every single U.S. homeless veteran has a home and every single one of their WAR stories is told!  None of this blackmailing them that they won't get any money or benefits if they do!  They already don't the Veterans Administration is so corrupt!  And it is a matter of national security that they do tell the public everything they saw, heard and know!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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