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Monday, January 5, 2015

How to cook chicken faster and more thoroughly 01 05 2015

How to cook chicken faster and more thoroughly 01 05 2015

A family member told me that he never cooks his chicken enough.

I believe that I told him I always broil mine in a cast iron skillet.

But here is another secret I have ben applying more recently.

The part of a chicken drumb stick that takes the longest to cook is the upper fatter part of the drumstick where the arteries are fatter!  Hence it has more blood in that part.  The way I cook that faster is to broil the chicken and then at the very end of the broiling of the chicken I take the less that $2 forceps and part that meat from the bone!  Thereby it is exposed to heat more readily and cooks faster.

And I don't know how long that takes, but it is usually longer than 20 minutes and I attempt to thaw it as quickly as I can in a pan of hot water before it goes in the oven.

But you never want it pink inside and you never want to see any red blood!

If you get it served that way a restaurant do not accept it.

And you have to be very attentive with the oven while broiling.


The other day I bought a small can of pork livers.  I ate it with crackers and it tasted great!  I had never seen it on store shelves before.

So we had some liver in the freezer and I went looking for  recipe to make it like they do at a Jewish deli, because I was hungry for some more that way.

And what did I learn?  That broiling food is one way to prepare it Kosher!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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