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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Are their Domestic Enemies of the United States Constitution 01 06 2015

Are their Domestic Enemies of the United States Constitution 01 06 2015

Yes, there are a great many of them!

Are some Domestic Enemies of the United States Constitution serving in Government?  Yes!

What does it mean to protect our Constitution from foreign enemies?

It means that we impose sanctions on countries that have gun control!

Why?  Because it is evidence of a deliberate weakening of men!  The U.S. was founded by men!  That Constitution was written by men!

Should we allow foreigners from countries that have gun control to come into the United States at all?  No!

The same should hold true with regard to freedom of speech, slavery, etc.

Now here is where they can never seem to resolve wrong from right!  When a religion based in the United States becomes a threat to the Constitution!  The Founding Fathers always assumed that a religion would not violate the rights of those who are not of the religion or believe in it!  A religion was considered an esoteric group that did not seek to change our Constitution!  Hence the practice is always guarantied because it was defined not to ever be something that would pose a threat to our Constitution!  Back then it was smaller groups worshipping in peace and not bothering anyone else or trying to through their weight and influence around!  That isn't true today!

Not a single one of us should ever be hearing voices!  And it could end with the flip of  switch!

Are there people who are bred by religion to pose a threat to the United States Constitution?  Yes!

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