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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Interesting U.S. History one of these coins was found in a time capsule

Interesting U.S. History one of these coins was found in a time capsule

What did the colonist say to the King?  Your money is no good with us!  I heard a historian on Book Television imply that we should be able to print our own money!

When some of us do indeed hear voices in our heads I believe that those who hear voices should indeed mint their own money!  Yes I do believe that someone who has a legitimate human soul...that there money is worth more than someone that doesn't!  Both how they spend it and how they earn it!

When the largest banks in the United States participated in mortgage fraud that greatly erodes the integrity of the United States Dollar!  Perhaps the bankers should be issued money that is worth a lesser value?  Or bankers money is convertible into the dollar at a rate that must be on dollar will always equal more than one banker dollar?  And many of the banks in the United States today are foreign!  Per the United States Constitution Congress has the right to set the value of foreign currencies!

If there is a religion in the United States that is exceeding its religious practice and greatly challenging the Constitution perhaps key donors and management of that religion get a currency that is also converted into the dollar at a rate of one dollar will always equal more than one of that currency!  The legal rationale is that they are posing a foreign threat to the United States; in effect establishing divine rights, kings principles and the Kings religion, also They have granted themselves an unconstitutional title of nobility with the formation of corporations, in what is really called indemnity persona!  Indemnity Persona is really a title of nobility!  So again any manager of a corporations should also be issued a corporate type money that will always be worth less than a dollar!

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