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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stop Gun Violence 01 07 2015

Stop Gun Violence 01 07 2015

If you want to stop the gun violence you ban alcohol! Guns are completely protected by the U.S. Constitution. In fact per the supreme law of the land No form of gun control is allowed!

Alcohol on the other hand violates every principle of the Constitution! It is addictive therefore it violates your liberty! It decreases oxygen to the brain while at the same time increasing testosterone; therefore it is the primary cause of violence. It is the number one cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere. And that statistic does not even include the delayed development (the dictionary term for “to retard”) of dyslexia! Hence those who do not do well in school because of learning disabilities are more likely to be bully's and cause violence!

It causes a complete host of birth defects that cause conflict with the normal human race! And most of these birth defects can be classified as both effeminating and regressive!

Effeminating traits are regressive

Round head; regressive and effeminating. Regressive because it is more monkey like. Effeminating because the females head is 10% less in size than the male human being on average. Compare the round head to that of John F. Kennedy; that is upward sloping in back! Higher reason and therefore responsible human intelligence! That is why the Egyptians went so far as to put their heads in wooden molds like vices, to develop that human intelligence!

stout body; regressive.

curled eyelid; a physical manifestation that transvestites try to emulate with makeup.

Far sightedness (looking for your man to come back from the field or desperately seeking to victimize the faction of the human race that left you in the jungle

Dwarfism; regressive; more monkey like.

All forms of mental retardation and birth defects. Regressive, lacking human conscience and human reason! That which cannot normally learn is prone to violence!

But first and foremost a birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene! This is the gene that regulates happiness!

Homosexuality- as new research in 2014 is likely related to a defective serotonin regulating gene; again effeminating and regressive!

Witches masculine jaw.

Effeminated tenor vocal chords, note the rise in country singers with chimp/frog like voices from the whiskey drinking south! Compare that to Elvis voice!

Speech defects; lisp and mal-stereotype eye defects; auditory defects.

Sure there might be a spurt in gun violence after you ban alcohol, but look who is causing it above and who would be eliminated!

The reason the Constitution guaranties absolutely NO GUN CONTROL is because of the threat the mentally defective posed to us!

If you would promote alcohol over guarantied Constitutional Gun rights you need to leave the United States immediately!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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