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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Police Officers and Prostitution 01 07 2015 updated

Police Officers and Prostitution 01 07 2015

You never hear of anyone being caught for soliciting a Prostitute in Milwaukee! However you do hear it is nationally known for prostitution, but the Newspaper uses the intelligence ambiguity term of “human trafficking!” instead! What a disservice that does and it must have been done under duress just as the Prostitution is! Weak willed pens that should have never touched paper!

So a Police officer set's up a sting to catch men for soliciting a prostitute; but then instead of Prosecuting the woman has sex and the Police Officer keeps the money! Kickback!

Is this going on? I can feel it in my Irish bones that it is!

A Police Officer once told me that it was common for suburban women to engage in Prostitution every once in a while! So you have to ask yourself the question who is the pimp to her!!!! Then you ask, does that pimping come in the form of hiring for a career at a Corporation? I already know that goes on! And management will not do anything about it! Even though it isn't there choice when a crime is being committed like that!

So there was one police officer in Milwaukee whose brother was a very prominent pimp! So you are telling me that they are one happy family only on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving meals? Who are you kidding!

So how do we end it? We need the death penalty for pimps. My brain tells me that they can never reform! And I don't really care if you give me an example whereby hundreds of thousands of dollars of money over how many years reformed them! I don't care! It is like my Catholic Grade School teacher told us, however you are by the age of 10 years old is how you are going to be the rest of your life! Now I bet she hates it that I would use that knowledge this way!

Another way we defacto put forth the death penalty would be in a form of prison cleaning! Whereby the prison sentence of the person is longer than the highest lifetime of 100 years total expectancy without parole! What does that mean? It means it doesn't matter if you are reformed or not you won't get out to show off your reform in public anyway! Why should society bear the cost of you spreading criminal and gang formation information in jail? Now that provision should only be for certain crimes that have an expectancy the person will be there to the age of 100. Also incarcerated criminals should be given the option to be euthanized at any time! Assisted Suicide is indeed a medical business reality in the United States today in the form of morphine injection at hospice services in hospitals! So perhaps you should release Kevorkian (if he is still alive?) Some of us know a three shell game when we see it! That or you charge the management of those Hospitals with murder just as Kevorkian was! That is how the scale of justice works for you Marquette Law Graduate wanna bee's.

Now is what they call the “John” just as guilty as the “pimp?” Yes! The foster the prostitution business

Prostitution is slavery and it is illegal per the United States Constitution? Is the U.S. Constitution en-forcible via the drawing of blood! You fools that is exactly what the Civil War was about and the Constitutional Provision that prevents slavery! It is not out of the limits of the Constitution to go to War in this Country in order to Protect that very same Constitution! You have to do what you have to do!

Any Police Officer, Chief, or Head of a Police Union that condones Prostitution (slavery) should get the death penalty and be executed!

Have I gone places and seen Prostitutes dropped off there by two plain clothed men? Yes!

And apparently creating stings like that for some reason we are not supposed to be able to understand caused the proliferation of Prostitution in Milwaukee and likely the entirety of the U.S. So that process of creating a sting and entrapment needs to be made illegal!!! Why, it fostered Prostitution via corruption! Also those Johns who participated in it likely never reformed. Why? We never found out who they were and they did not face public scrutiny! And doesn't that really amount to blackmailing them in some manner? “I won't tell this time but I could if I wanted to?” Can you hear the freaks voice already?

And if a woman is Prostituting herself should she get the death penalty? Yes! Again in order to protect the Constitution! She is creating and fostering the industry of slavery! She is competing unfairly with the other gals isn't she! She doesn't need a pimp to do it but they do? And again who is her pimp?

Who would ever want to get a woman like that pregnant? Could you imagine being her son in the room next door and watching the men “take her” or hearing the sounds in the next room? Barracks mother....let me be the one to ask him some questions!

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

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post script

When those Police Officer were spending all their time out in Butler (?) Wisconsin were they really viewing images of local Prostitutes that they would frequent after work?

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