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Friday, January 2, 2015

I don"t want you in my home television and radio blocking 01 02 2015

I don"t want you in my home television and radio blocking 01 02 2015

The American public  needs the ability to completely block out the voices and images of people they do not like to see on television!

Such as those who are of crooked belief systems!
Those who are not mature as adults!
Those who have committed crimes and still get air time.

I want to never hear that odd voice emanating from the television room in my home again!  Nor should any American have to put up with that!

So there should indeed be controls that block any and completely all of those broadcasts from entering my home and being seen on my television or heard on my radio!

I don't need to hear pork pigged voice lawyer further demonizing the mentally ill!

I don't need to listen to some twit joke and dance around.

I don't want to see some monster chin man who supported a man accused of sleeping with children in my home!

I don't want to ever have to look a boxer who bit off an ear!

I don't ever want to see an Italian organized crime family being glamorized.

So here is how it could work.

On the television there would be database in the cable operations of peoples last names then first!

Just go to it and put an x in the box and you never see or hear from them again in your home!  They are no longer allowed in your home!

And you should never have to worry that that setting will ever need to be reset to what you established it to be!

And perhaps to encompass radio and over the air television broadcast it needs to be a Government sponsored website.  Software is an easy business, just set it up and it runs flawlessly without much human labor expense!  Unless attacked by those who hate freedom!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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