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Friday, January 2, 2015

Where do Corporate Profits go to 01 02 2015

Where do Corporate Profits go to 01 02 2015

Very simply they figured out a way that lunch and dinner is paid for by the American Public!

Who do you see out to lunch and who is paying for it; due to non-collection?

What if we passed a law that Corporations could not expense meals?

It would level the playing field and feed the poor at the same time!

I think I will create a petition to do just that!

So the greatest decisions in our country are supposed are being made over bottles of mental retardation causing wine paid for by the American Public?

A question I want to research is what percent of Italy's geography is represented by vineyards.

Also what are the nationalities of the Vineyard owners in California and other wine regions of the United States?  Are they Italian and French who do not live up to the religions they purport to be members of?

When FDR repealed Prohibition he paved the way for a new mentally retarded Roman Empire based in the land of the free!  What a horror!

And they have got the American blue collar worker completely brain washed into hating all forms of General Health and Welfare guarantied by the United States Constitution?  How do they do this?  They feed that blue collar workers salary like they are tossing corn to the pigs!  The uneducable Blue collar worker and contractor is the greatest beneficiary of corporate welfare there is!  Lavish spending on expensive luxury items and construction!  It is Corporate Welfare!  I want to make that go away!  He has been taught not to bite the hand that directly feeds it when it reality the hand that feeds him is the general population and the hand of the general population has been bitten and stepped on and had its back ground in by the high heeled boot of a high strung tenor cowboy want to be that listens to country music that sounds like exhalations of a frog being squeezed to death!

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