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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Islamic are not waging a religious War 01 08 2015

Islamic are not waging a religious War! They are waging a war against alcohol! That isn't a religious concept it is an anti drug and anti heathen agenda! And that is to be commended! The human race does not normalize birth defective children from drug abuse! Per the Christian and Catholic Bibles those are not children created in the image of God as man!


Strong verbal ability is a regressive trait!

Regressive traits are indicative of birth defects!

Fetal Alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.

Females are said to have stronger verbal ability than men!

It has to do with the way that their brains are formed and “Wired.”

The female brain is 10% smaller than the male brain on average.

Does it really mean that the strong verbal ability is really a brain developmental reaction to having less skull space to grow in?

The hippocampus of the female brain is different than the male.

Now females are great when they question the actions of men; they have great needed intuition in that regard!

I am stating that the regressive strong verbal ability trait in men occurs because of a defect to the brain caused by alcohol! I am also asserting that the 14.5% of Americans who suffer from some form of dyslexia are also caused by that same birth defect. The Puritans who fled the Kings religion in England, (And England sided with Slavery and fought us in the Revolutionairy War) ...the Puritans believed in only drinking in moderation because they wanted people to be able to read so that they could obey the law!

Contrast this to FDR who drove around the country and “gave people what they needed” crates of alcohol! He was of English and French (think Wine) nationality and his family money came from the opiate trade with China! He broke the Constitution and legalized alcohol! You can't get any worse than that!

Okay what am I getting at? The brains of men are wired differently. However I believe the brains of men with strong verbal ability are wired differently and more like the female brain!

Now what does the strong verbal ability really amount to? Squawking?

But as a person who hears voices what other evidence do I have that strong verbal ability is a regressive trait? Because I believe it is developed in the mentally retarded by, per the Bible phrasing, tempting the minds of men. Which really means causing them to hear voices!

Now we have to go back into history to understand this!

The Bible tells us that Israel was warned about the wine presses coming into it from Judea! But what else do we know about ancient history? Those who had the ability for prophetic thinking were killed in genocide!

But what can only prophetic analytical and synthesis mental ability come from? A non defective human brain! Prophetic ability is like the translated though process of watching a clown spin plates on sticks and saying, he is going to break some plates! Well if you made that kind of prophesy or were capable of that type of prophetic thinking you were targeted and killed in genocide! It might also be compared to the necessity of rule by divine right by the genetically mentally defective!

ISIS isn't waging a religious War it is waging a War against drugs! And they are dead on accurate!

The United States made that same war part of our Constitution but Italian Organized Crime defeated it along with propaganda of alcohol, the leading cause of mental retardation, at Christian masses over the last 2,000 years! And we are not as smart as we were 2,000 years ago because of it!

Ask yourself who had the strongest verbal ability in grade school and high school? It was the drug dealer wasn't it! And he had soda bottle bottom glasses from farsightedness!

You think I am wrong about this? Just mention how alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere, to about anyone in the U.S., and you are likely to get verbally abused and perhaps even a victim of violence! Alcohol increases testosterone while at the same time depriving the brain of oxygen! That is the cause of violence! And it is in no way a man's drink!

Real men do not need a drug to increase their strength and testosterone!

The largest victims in the world from the alcohol drug cult (not religion) are those who hear voices and are labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud!  And the costs to our National Debt of willfully creating this fraud are in the trillions.  I know you think you are pretty smart and verbally manipulative, that you don't face any threats whatsoever in the world, ask yourself who will be there save YOU after you have defeated the land of the free?  It was MEN who saved you the last time!

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