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Thursday, January 8, 2015

What did Adolf Hitler do to Actors 01 08 2015

What did Adolf Hitler do to Actors 01 08 2015

When I read the news that Bill Cosby was accused of drugging and raping over 23 women that is what I ask.

When I read the news that Jimmy Seville an actor of Great Britain was accused of sexually molesting 100's of children that is what I ask.

But Cosby won't be charged because of the statute of limitations. What is the statute of limitations? It basically say's that if we don't catch you of committing a crime in a certain time you can't be charged with it!

Is that Constitutional? NO!

What else is in the news? A man at Scott Walkers inaugural party head butted another! That Scott sure knows how to run a party doesn't he!

Isn't that really attempted murder? A blunt blow the head can cause death by brain hemorrhage! But that is just what hearing voices is like! It is exactly like being head butted! Extremely painful! And some of us go through it every day for over 20 years! And it is technologically induced!

But anyhow you hear a news story like the Walker head butting and you ask yourself, “What would Scott Walker have done if it was him who was head butted?” Don't put the social impetus and fear upon yourself of oh what if it happened to me, don't tempt fate like that! Put it on the guy who lives two houses down who inherited a factory from his father. Ask yourself what would he do if he came into work and was head butted? Or that neighbor who has a visual impairment and can't drive and works in Human Resources at the corrupt Veterans Administration. What would he do if he came to work in the morning and was head butted?

When I was in High School some kids head butted each other? Do you know what they do? They immediately head butt someone else and say, “Look it really doesn't hurt!” Some ex marines are Police Officers and Bouncers! Isn't that the type of machismo they like to? Headbutting each other?

They have absolutely nothing to protect do they! It was ruined at birth from alcohol! But their wives love to marry them because they NEVER threaten their self esteem based on lack of intelligence! So then you ask yourself “What would his wife do if he head butted her?” Miss Misery would stand by her man because she is a low life whore that a real man could never stand to be with for even one day!

While I am on the subject of Bully's I want to mention one whose father was a plumber in Whitefish Bay. He was Italian and liked to palm the cerebral arteries in peoples heads so that they blacked out! From my recent research he is an Investment Adviser. The Italian kid in our class at Holy Family Parish School in Whitefish Bay was also as bad as they come!  He liked to grab people from behind the neck and black them out.  I think of this as I see the head of the Police Union is Italian; and also all the sexual molestations of children in the Roman (means Italian) Catholic Church! Who do you think wants to get your normal child hooked on drugs? The drugs don't come into the country on a truck with the label Illegal Narcotics inside! No, it is organized distribution and that means Italian! And what kind of outposts do they have in the United States, Protestant and Catholic Churches!  I am going to keep going on the Italian issue for a little while.  While in college I worked for an Italian owner of a gas station.  His eldest son was always angry, like he had a chip on his shoulder.  I finally asked his father what he did to him.  He told me that when they were boy's he liked to do stuff to them, like tie them up with rope and make them rock back and forth to struggle to get loose,  he said he thought it made them stronger.  He also told me that when the Italians first came to the United States the Germans spit on them because they thought they were no good.  Now he was maybe 5 feet tall and had a Sicilian temper.  They are talking about Muslim intolerance!  And it brings up the issue of German temper.  My Uncle mentioned that German temper in relation to my father once.  A wind had blown our garage door in about 7 inches.  My uncle and I loosed the bolts and physically pushed it back out.  But he said to me, "Your father would have a fit if he saw what you just did!" :)  I get my German nationality from my fathers mother whose surname was Roth, that is also where I get the Royal hearing voices gene?  However an Italian woman named Vicki who was the wife of Green Bay Packer legend Lionel Aldrich, who heard voices, told me that they can do it to ANYONE!

So what would Adolf Hitler do to Actors like the above? The evidence is already in the annals of history isn't it! He recruited homosexuals to do his dirty work for him! Why because he couldn't find anyone else mean enough! But I will have to research that!

So what are all these Down's Syndrome children that are all the latest fad to have with Republican Party? By definition they have mental retardation. Are they not the same as Castle Griffins? Those fat round faces with odd smiles look exactly like that! So all well and good you like regressive DNA children because they help you create and maintain wealth. Did you ever ask yourself what will happen when one of them turns on you! Now isn't that really what Adolf Hitler was? So why do I equate homosexuals with actors? Recent research tells us that there is a high likely hood that homosexuality is caused by a defect to the serotonin regulating gene. Serotonin regulates happiness. If you have a defective one you like have comparative identity issues as well as issues of not attaining happiness from personal achievement. And what is a person like that? Someone who pretends to be someone else, because that makes them happy, and that is exactly what an actor is! And the Homosexual doesn't even know it's own natural sexuality! They say that it normal because they were born that way! Well let me play the Devils Advocate for a change! We should consider all children that have birth defects from known and unknown drugs to be considered normality. I want you to think that through very thoroughly in terms of the implications of it with your ram head!

And what is propagandizing War against Muslims? It is really enforcing mental retardation (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) ; because the Muslims do not believe in drinking alcohol. The religion was given to them by a Jew named Gabriel? I pray for them. Read your Bible and you will see without a doubt God is on the side of the Muslim faith! I had a website labeled Alcohol and the Bible however it either got hidden or destroyed. They don't want you to know it! And I know what you are saying. We would have heard it in mass if it were true? You only hear a very small fraction of what is in the Bible at mass! It is almost as if as a matter of propaganda the Catholic and Christian faiths have “Do not read sections!” Just found it!

I will go further on to assert that a bully spends its entire lifetime believing it is really its victims!

But if you agree with me then sign my petitions.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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