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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Green Bay Packers or Football/ Sports Apparel that you NEVER see for Sale 01 07 2015

Green Bay Packers or Football/ Sports Apparel that you NEVER see for Sale 01 07 2015

You never see a Green Bay Packer Jersey that Say's COACH on it!

If they made one that just said COACH on it I might buy it!

Otherwise why would I buy a Guys number to wear on my back?  To me that is like what a Homo would do!

"That handsome man Aaron, I like him I will buy his jersey!  How strong he is!"

But coach I understand!  It is supposed to represent organization capability, leadership, discipline, conflict resolution, planning, strategy.

That I get!  Just plain COACH, you don't have to even put a name on the coach jersey!  It just say's that I believe in proper coaching!  I believe that players should be managed not to stomp on other players?  But that shouldn't be any part of Professional coaching!  That is more like something that never makes it to the professional level!

Also mouthing off, a coach shouldn't have to put up with that either!

Bad attitude is another thing a professional coach shouldn't have to put up with!

And do you know what they would say to people if you wore a coach jersey?  Your no coach!  And you are not Aaron Rodgers, or Nelson or Matthews either, so why do you where their Jersey?

And wasn't that really like from Happy Day's when the girlfriend likes to where her boyfriends letterman jacket!

So these are the people we idolize!  We don't idolize priests, or teachers or the President or Governors.  Why not? Perhaps we know that we don't always agree with all their ideas!  Whereas when you were a Jersey you are just agreeing with how well a player plays?

I think that they make too much money!

What I really hate is a young man or women that feels they are above the teachers and other students because of athletic ability.  Should a grade school or High School or College professor ever have to put up with that?  No, it has absolutely nothing to do with Education; in fact it runs counter to it!

So it is a very sad fact that our youth don't have academic knowledge based careers as goals.

So how do we change it?  Clean up the stock market while at the same time taking public ownership of professional sports.  It will never happen.  The world is more likely to tilt off its axis with massive flooding first.  Volatility, hot, cold, hot, cold then wham; something completely looses its resonance. 

Sure ship all the metal over to China.  Drain the earths crust of oil. When something like that gives way it gives way in an extreme manner!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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