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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Learning to Read A and B 01 07 2015

Learning to Read A and B 01 07 2015

 A and B look different don't they!  If you can't make an accurate comparison between A and B you can't learn how to read can you!

 So why can't people make accurate comparisons?  A dead spot or malformed area of the brain responsible for it?

It is a capability that forms the basis for human reason isn't it!

 Or is it really that you know you are far different from other people and don't want to make those negative comparisons about yourself!

 And those with a brain defect would never want to consider themselves truthfully would they.

The area of the brain responsible for learning and memory is the hippocampus.  It is also the are that allows people to remember mile markers as they are traveling.  Such as going out west on the plains or navigating by stars to the United States?  So how did you get here if you don't belong here today?

 You were never disciplined to make accurate comparisons about yourself because your parents projected their own self pity unto you?

Some 43.5 million Americans have some form of dyslexia. What does that really mean? They cannot form accurate comparisons!

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