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Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's See that Proud and Brave man come out of his Hole 01 02 2015

Let's See that Proud and Brave man come out of his Hole 01 02 2015

I was driving in my car to Iowa once when on a radio talk show I heard an Italian man who was a leader in the U.S. military telling how the goal of their treating head trauma wound victims was to give them all the exact same or once consciousness.

Okay all well and good you and I say?  But not so fast!

Where is the person they are all one consciousness of?  We don't see him riding in the back of an convertible Cadillac waving his hand so happy to have a great many people share his consciousness do we!

We don't see him walking through the streets of the New York Financial district or Hollywood so happy in a blue and white stripped suit, so happy, do we?

Do you get it?  They tortured someone and created a schizophrenic for the presumed benefit of treating those who went to war in defense of oil and corn fuel!  They created trillions of dollars in health care costs, family trauma and trillions in debt in doing so didn't they!  These satanic high school drop outs!

We need to defund all of the armed services today!  And our Constitution says we are not to have a military in times of peace!  We do not need a military!  And perhaps this act will indeed bring peace to the world!  Any President that does not protect the United States Constitution in its full meaning is supposed to be impeached!  But since they have all been crooked we won't ever be able to do it to one of them.  So some day I will create a petition to defund the military.  But until then readily use this one!

This petition is on the mark concerning the military industrial complex too!

If you like hearing voices don't sign them, also if you don't sign them do you deserve any freebies?  No!  If you like being mentally afflicted don't sign them!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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