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Friday, January 2, 2015

Product Review Dr. Bronner's Magic Organic Hair Creme (in Lavender Coconut) 01 02 2015

Product Review Dr. Bronner's Magic Organic Hair  Creme (in Lavender Coconut) 01 02 2015

As a man who has been subjected to hearing voices for well over 23 years I can tell you this is one of the best hair crèmes I have ever applied!

What can you expect when you rub it into the sides of your scalp and all over?  Immediate relaxation!  You better be sitting down when you put it on because it is that effective at repairing scalp that you likely didn't even know that was irritated and dry!  You just became accustomed to living with it!

Now I have made my own hair and scalp formulas out of things like coconut oil and aloe very gel, and rosemary tea and even organic olive oil mayo when in a pinch and those are effective and I will continue to use those from time to time!

But it is sure nice to have a product that I can buy right of the shelf that is this good!
You will find for some reason they never want us to know, is that cooling your scalp has antipsychotic properties!  Perhaps that is why Jesus Christ, a Jew, told us to protect out CROWNS, until he comes again!

But my mother was reading the label and it stated Dr. Bronner lost his parents in the holocaust!  So I took an interest in reading the label for myself.  From what I read on the label he had wonderful philosophies concerning human civilization.

But after I read those philosophies his next philosophy game me self doubt. And indeed I will have to research him more thoroughly, and the first stop is a Wikipedia biography.

"We are all one or none!"

I have not liked that philosophy of one mind because I take it to mean that a normal man or women hears voices to create a mind that is split among many!

I equate that to Christianities one Father for all.
I equate it to Essene Jews philosophy of one exiled priest for all.
I equate it to a demoniac being chained in an ancient Jewish cemetery!
I equate it to communism's one mind for all.  Founded by 85% Jews per Putin.  Hence I equate it to slave labor.
I equate it to voodoo practice of burying a man given a nerve toxin poison and digging him up alive and yet brain dead.
I equate it to
I equate it to psychiatry.

But instead of taking it literally as those who cause us to hear voices are then of our same one minds.  What about taking it a different way?

We all are rational adult human beings of normal mind and human conscience and have the same agreed upon beliefs?  Now here are my beliefs. But first let me just as you this very simple question.

"If a person cannot learn for themselves how can they be one with anything?"  It is impossible!

So what does we are all one mean to me?  Perhaps it is like what the Murphy's of Ireland believed in Hospitality versus what Norman Bates believed in?

What am I getting at?  If we are all one, a little boy should be able to wander around wherever he lives without any fear of being victimized by that which cannot be one because it cannot learn for itself and never could!

But I don't see who would not agree on my beliefs.  So here are my beliefs and really if want to provide a valid counterargument to any single one of them I would more than welcome you to do so!

These are all crimes I believe are committed by the mentally defective and are deserving of the death penalty.

 1. Torture
2. Financial economic crimes that could likely result in genocide from starvation from economic depression.
3. Sexual victimization of children.
4. Slavery and pimping prostitutes.
5. Drug dealing and promotion of, drugs that are addictive and or cause birth defects.
6. Negligent homicide or murder protected  behind the corporate shield for profit!
7. Contamination of food and water supply.
8. Creating and fostering medical fraud!

Is that not a belief system you would want to be one with?  Would having a belief system contradictory to any one of those issue mean that their is a faction of normal people you would not want to be one with?   What are those beliefs?  They prevent that which victimizes human beings because they are not ONE of them!

I would set up a direct link to the product in hopes to make a little coin but that which cannot be one with us would break it as they have done in the past!

So here is a dogpile search.  Pick a link and pay whom you chose.  I never make any money from any of this!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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