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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Diminishing of what is really a Felony by classifying what isn't as being one 01 01 2015

The Diminishing of what is really a Felony by classifying what isn't as being one 01 01 2015

All Gun Control is illegal per the United States Constitution.

Is saying that people can't shoot their guns into the air on New Years eve a form of Gun Control?  No!  Gun Control means declaring who can have one and who can't!  Big no no per the U.S. Constitution.

But it is a felony to shoot your gun up into the air in the city.  Does the bullet fall down as fast as it rises?  Not even close to it!  The physics comparison is muzzle velocity from an explosive charge versus the maximum attainable velocity per mass by the force of  gravity.  They don't come down as fast as they go up.  The risk is that you hit a plane full of crooks establishing foreign labor to prevent the U.S. citizen from employment?  That is how I see it and I just gurge it out at you!

So Sheriff Clark gets on the television and reminds us it is a felony last night to do so.  And then what did I hear all throughout the night for the first time in my life in suburban Whitefish Bay?  Guns going off all night in the core area west of the Milwaukee River in the Distance!  I had to have heard over 200 shots!  Some sounded like shot gun blasts too!  It sounded like I was living back in Chicago again in 1992 in an Apartment on Irving Park Road.  Some of those guns were modified to full auto which is illegal!  But if people in the core can go full auto!  If many criminals can go full auto.  Why should there ever be an encumbrance against an apple pie American having that capability?  How on earth can that ever be a felony to have a gun that is capable of full auto!  It is only a felony if you don't go through the paperwork, approval process and here is the key, pay the $200 bucks or whatever it costs!  If you pay and  it isn't a felony then how can it ever be a felony if you don't pay!  That is odd carp lipped mouth Imperialism!  And again it is blatantly anti constitutional!

Should I have a right to protect my family and home with a full auto gun if those drive by cars make it to my neighborhood?  Absolutely!  And the Constitution states just that!

I believe that a serious crime, defined to be a felony, should be punishable by death.  Does the United States need a new legal code that defines what a Crime Against Humanity Felony is that is mandatorily punishable by death?  YES!

Here are some examples to include.

1. Torture
2. Financial economic crimes that could likely result in genocide from economic depression.
3. Sexual victimization of children.
4. Slavery and pimping prostitutes.
5. Drug dealing and promotion of, drugs that are addictive and or cause birth defects.
6. Negligent homicide or murder protected  behind the corporate shield for profit!
7. Contamination of food and water supply.
8. Creating and fostering medical fraud!

These should be felonies and you should be executed for them!

Okay to me those are very serious crimes deserving to be classified and FELONIES! 

But here is what is very disturbing.  Many people are arrested and sent to jail for what is termed weapons violations!  The Police get to police that!

Does that not create Imperialism?  For a Police Officer to believe he has the unconstitutional right to take away someone's gun?  What does it create?  It elevates the Police officer to believe he is better than the populous in some manner!  Most are high school drop outs that didn't enter college and came back from the military (which is illegal in times of peace).  So you empower this class of people in that manner and what does it create?  A criminal minded mentally defective network that has a chip on its shoulder and the legal right to enforce the will of that chip on their shoulder.  Now that is queer imperialism isn't it!

Think of this as you read in the news that cops in New York chased a gunman and fired into a crowd and wounded two innocent people to kill him.  Think of this as you read that cops booh the new mayor of New York.  Think of this as you watch youtube citizen taken videos of odd Italian looking New York police woman officers chasing skinny black man and sexually molesting them!  Think of this as you watch a news video of a police officer taking money right out of the victim of a store robberies cash register.  Think of this as you hear police officers spent their days in (New Berlin Wisconsin?) watching porn.  Think of it as you read in the news how a police officer in Wisconsin enticed boys into childhood porn.  Think of it as you read a police officer killed a unarmed homeless man with ZERO drugs in his system, in Milwaukee right below the mayors office!  Think of this as you hear English surname Bloomberg touting Unconstitutional Gun control.

That unconstitutional who can have what law empowers a less educated and capable class of people to the level of Imperialist or Royal Guard. It has no place in the U.S. per our Constitution!  There is no spoiled self serving and contrived intellectual argument that can betray the very clear wording of the Constitution!

So here is the remedy!  This is indeed how we put the kibosh on someone like that!

It doesn't really matter what an politician or authority subjectively believes the law should be if they break it!  If you agree there is a way to protect our freedom.  Sign the petition below so that those in power and wealth who break the law are punished!

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on  01 01 2015 at:

PS. Anyone remember watching the tracer fire from the lead that went into the air trying to shoot down U.S. planes?  The lead slowly arced in the air and never came close.  Good ole George Washington said each and everyone of us should have arms to protect us from any threat like that on our homeland!  So we are not even close to being prepared for an enemy air based attack on America!  Perhaps we need to establish Militias of United States citizens who do not use addictive substances!


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