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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Pope Condones Homsexuality Do not be cowards sign my petitions 01 01 2015

The Pope on Homosexuality 01 01 2014

“Who am I to judge them If they are seeking the Lord; in good faith?” Pope Francis on homosexuals. Remember that the connotation of that quote is about Homosexuals wanting to join the Priesthood!!!!!

What does that sound like? It sounds like my younger college days of bar hopping and the arrogant boistering all us heterosexuals did, “Who am I deny a woman to have sex with me.” Accept it has an entirely different connotation with the Pope! And he isn't going to articulate what he means by “Seeking the lord”

How does this tie in to the Pro-Life agenda? The pro life agenda creates a pool of parentless victims that sodomizing adult males can prey on! A Kingdom of Sodomy!

And what are those adopted children highly likely to be? They likely came from one night stands involving alcohol! And Alcohol is the leading cause of the birth defect of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!

You should cry at this next part! And that Christian/Catholic priest holds it high above his head to glorify it and then administer it to pregnant and women of child bearing age at every Catholic Mass!4

Some scientists assert that even one drop can cause the fetus to be born mentally retarded! But more to the point what do we know about alcoholics? We know about alcoholics as it relates to pregnant women and promiscuous women likely to put unwanted children up for adoption? That the taste of wine or other alcohol as given at mass leads one to want a little more later on? That is indeed why the tell alcoholics not to even have one drop! It is that addictive! And does that create a market for wine sales to pregnant women? Yes! And the result is forms of mental retardation labeled on a spectrum of mental retardation being given the medical definition of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (FAS) for short!

One Sunday morning I took my mother to breakfast at the Denny's on North Avenue by Highway 145. Roughly it is in Wauwatosa. There was an older man there with a younger man! I had seen the older man before at the New Market coffee shop on Silver Spring in Whitefish Bay. h How do I remember him? He had a distinctively Italian face that looked like Buddy Hackett! Round cheeks and a beedy leering eyes. Immediately I thought he is a Italian nationality Catholic Priest. Now this was around 9 am per my memory. He was sitting relaxed in his chair and staring at the much younger man as if he was his lover! The younger man looked to be about in his late teens or early 20's. Now some of the Irish still look as if they have Down's Syndrome as a result of the Potato Famine (pure speculation) or from the alcohol spectrum of genetic birth defects. Round little eyes and gauntly faces void of human emotion and expression (very sad!) But it was his posture. He was leaning forward and holding his arms folded in front of him. It did not look like he was shivering but to me it looked like that creep had sodomized him?

Quickly look above and read the initial quote of this article again. Or just read it here:

“Who am I to judge them If they are seeking the Lord; in good faith?” Pope Francis on homosexuals.

Very disturbing isn't it!

Now the Devil's Advocate is making the argument that he is really seeding that likely learning disabled child with the Holy Spirit of a human being man! I see it as a sickness and representative of the horrific pederasty based empires in History; Rome and Nazi Germany!

Ever read the “Lord of the Flies? Essentially one boy dominates the rest and sodomizes as they are shipwrecked on an island!

You are supposed to be studied in the scripture, obedient to it and accurate interpretation of it as men would! You don't get to teach what amounts to flawed subjective knowledge. In effect emotional reactions in place of traditional learning!

Pederasty an act of sodomy by the mentally defective committed out of frustration because by self comparative awareness they know they are not one of us!

So let me summarize the pieces of this puzzle that I solved for you that I abhor!

  1. Alcohol is promoted at Mass.
  2. Alcohol causes the birth defect of mental retardation.
  3. Alcohol is often consumed during conception and pregnancy by those who are highly likely to put a child up for adoption.
  4. The Catholic Church as a religion has attempted to influence the United States Government via the Pro-life movement; that all abortion is to be considered illegal. In fact they have killed people who have advocated abortion.
  5. The Pro-life movement creates a pool of 'initially parentheses' children.
  6. Without having a biological father or traditional family they end up without skills.
  7. They find their way to the priesthood or religion?
  8. And are sexually abused through sodomy by the creep son that was waiting for them all their life!

I believe that the initial churches were a place for queer sons to dominate the lesser wealthy public! A place for that queer son to feel he is something in our society! One might equate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome mental retardation with the word Queer! Queer meaning strange!

I believe that a sub-society like this has no place in the United States or the world!

A woman in Chicago once told me that she partied with Catholic Priests and every single one of them was Gay in private! I said I don't believe you. And she was adamant it was true. Then we went out on the town in Chicago. We met up with a older Jewish woman who was a tax attorney and a younger man who was gay that was her room mate. So we ware all sitting there together in the room, and makes the comment to me, “If you want something real bad you should just tear into it.” And then he tells how he is a body builder and that his secret was to just each sugar.” I am not a homo and have never been one. In fact there have been two instances in my life where I have nearly beaten people very close to death; to keep from being raped by one! And I do believe that a man has every right to kill someone in defense of being raped by them! I also believe that you cannot subject them to charges for it or that any due process should be required to determine if they are guilty; because they are indeed innocent! These are my beliefs!

Other points.

  1. “One Father For All” would be how the mentally retarded would seek to raise their children?
  2. Rome was a big producer of wine! Economic motivation.
  3. Is a mentally retarded adult male far more likely to sexually molest a young boy? What would the motivation be? Complete envy of the normal child! That child they are victimizing is one who was not born mentally retarded from alcohol. Now one more point I can tell is really rubbing nerves the wrong way. Some statistics say that as many as 43.5 million Americans have dyslexia. It is a reading disorder. What is the dictionary definition of the word retard? To delay the development of. Hence dyslexia is mental retardation! How does one maintain a Kingdom? By advocating the substance that is both addictive and causes mental retardation! And then victimizing, including but not limited to sexually, both the normal children and the ones born with mental retardation related to alcohol!
  4. For a very long time now there has been the technology that can be used to make human beings hear voices in their heads. Who do you think would wield it? Who do you think the likely suspects would be?

I had a website completely devoted to providing you direct passages from the Bible that allude to the horror of alcohol. I can never find that website anymore. But find a Bible search engine and use the search terms, vineyard, wine, wine presses, drunkenness, and what you read will indeed be a revelation to you! Like I said I had created a website with the articulation of just those concepts. But Neo-Jewish controlled 6@@6l3 hides it? Let me ask you this, why do you think it was required that 3 generations had to pass before you could join that religion?

You might not understand or see anything like I do. But I don't really care! You are likely someone that would rather drink that think.

That ought to be the sign outside of every Catholic Church “Drink don't think!” or “Don't think; drink!”

Is there highly convincing recent scientific evidence that proves that homosexuality is caused by a defect to the serotonin regulation gene? YES! Do we normalize the genetically defective from drug abuse and change all our laws to label the birth defective, from an drug that economically funded a honorific empire, as being equal? No! We must protect the Constitution from all insults like that!

Scientific Evidence:

So here are some petitions for you to sign. That is all I have to give you; petitions to sign. You won't get a sip of anything anti-religious from me!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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