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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Fair Trial with a Jury of Our Piers means Updated

A Fair Trial with a Jury of Our Piers means through direct precedent

You also have the right to know the sexual orientation of the judge, prosecutor or defense, everyone he or she indulges in addictive substances with, any and all occult or other societies, affiliations, etc, they belong to, what their religious beliefs are, and perhaps a brain scan and information relating to their DNA and how it affects their cognition.

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A Judge is indeed a 13th member of a Jury because they do indeed adjudicate on sentencing just as a jury adjudicates.

Women and men are not equal, if they were you would see women football players in the NFL.  Also in terms of cognition they are not equal, a mans brain on average is over 10% larger and "wired" differently than a females!   So perhaps if you have thrown in the towel physical equality  argument because of Professional Football maybe there is something you also need to admit per the evidence above on the mental equality argument; again the human female brain being on average 10% smaller and "wired" differently than a mans; plus the fact we have not been presented with any scientific evidence of how DNA affects Cognition; we know that it does however!

You are entitled to a Jury of your piers, if you a man therefore you can not be judged by a female judge!  It doesn't claim that female cannot be judged by a female however; that perhaps is a matter of vote.

On DNA and cognition how your type of serotonin regulating gene functions might be stated to be evidence of it being  "Achievement or thiefdom gene?"

If we can not make accurate scientific observations and applications from new scientific discoveries is means that there are not valid scientists.

In other words don't judge anyone if you are not going to meet the standard of new scientific evidence regarding DNA and cognition?  Do you think in colloquial phrases you heard emphasized in a movie you watched while you were drinking beer?

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