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Monday, March 2, 2015

Mustard Gas and Petrochemical Company World Domination 03 02 2015

Mustard Gas and Petrochemical Company World Domination 03 02 2015

Mustard Gas, it is a natural based chemical isn't it.  Mustard is a natural weed.  What am I getting at?  Did they intend to use it on a broad scale for plausible deniability?  They might say oh that person was just subjected to swamp gases?

But it is a natural based chemical.  And what was Russia doing near the time of WWII the same time Stalin was convening with Adolf Hitler on several occasions?  He was either plotting to take farmland away from the farmers so that those in the city could not be starved to death from them or he was planning on the genocide of killing them all and taking the farmland; which was more likely the case? 

So the question becomes was that mustard gas developed by the European Chemical companies for use in Russia?  I read that 90% of those killed under Stalin and 20 million lost their lives and he encouraged anti-Semitism; where shot.  So in that other 10% statistic, which equates to a large number 2 million was mustard gas used on them?  And really one has to wonder if Adolf Hitler himself was hit with mustard gas and temporarily blinded from it you would believe that he would then abhor all chemical weapons?  But perhaps I am attributing natural thought processes to someone that they do not apply to.

The Dust bowl and the seed Industry lobbying in 1924 that the U.S. Gov. no longer produce seed is a very critical time point.

Was the initial plot with mustard gas such that it made it look like people died from some sort of flu or polio type illness?

Had Huey long not been assassinated by Charles Weiss in the South, he would have given us free health care, and then for some inexplicable reason FDR himself might not have been paralyzed, even though it occurred earlier.  Perhaps if there had been just a little greater balance of good people things might have been different for the better is what I am trying to articulate; starting at that prior time too.

The 1911 handgun developed back then was one of the most reliable ever.  Heckler and Koch is stated to have one today that is a little better that fires the 45 caliber.  Koch being a big chemical company.  I am still not convinced that the .45 is a stable flight cartridge however.  I view a stable cartridge charge as being more rectangular and therefore less wobbly in its projection symmetry.

But what did I just figure out?  What we have in terms of standard military issue firearms is a bunch of crap to what that Koch company has put out!  Piston rather than gas tube operated semi auto rifles, a handgun HK45 someone on the internet stated could go 32,000 rounds without needing servicing.

And the Koch brothers have a very large presence in the United States so why does our grunt not get the best firearms from that German company to protect them?  Because they are being sent off to war in Genocide because they have human minds and not those of descendants of mentally retarded dependent minded beer drinking sloth.  We need to upgrade our standard issue grunt guns and also our adult militia in case we got into it with Germany.  What are street drugs if not an extension of that chemical world domination of humans?  We still don't know who owns the poppy fields and profits from them.

And all of this while our leadership wants to create more anti -Constitutional gun control measures.  Here we are every day with more grumbles of WWIII.  The common American takes note and stocks up and another faction of that German Petrochemical world domination the Shrink, the blacks in white coats, and the high margin voodoo psychiatric medicine arrive at his doorstep.  To stop it we might need our Government to cut the chord to that television and radio.  But that wouldn't be right because we would be left in the dark.  So what we really need is a complete change of ownership and media workers!  Like real people!  What would be wrong with real people that don't blurt out whatever they think people want to hear but contemplate on what should be the answer and perhaps don't respond immediately?  What would be wrong with real people?  People who don't Ramknee out the first thing from their mouths like they are air head operated.

Not only did our firearm develop stall; it went backward.  You even manage to hit someone long range with the AR-15 all you have really done is give away your position?

And look it isn't our fault if your wife's parents drank and she is dependent minded mentally (genetically?) retarded miserable because of it!  You are not compatible with our Constitution if that is the case.

So how do we address a prominent new psychiatric diagnosis; genetic based mental retardation?  There are no chemicals are pills for it are there!  Can nutrient therapy help?  People don't understand that physical abnormality birth defects of the brain are permanent.  Drugs actual cause deformations?  Do you expect to be able to "rewire" a deformed brain?  Real cute isn't it, takes a lot of time, you (German Beer Barons and Socialite drinking birth defective class) can act real professional about it and siphon even more money from our freedom.

Did you ever hear Germany or the Koch brother cry foul;  how on earth can you send your men to the middle east with those toy guns, look for what you did for us in saving us (Germany) in WWII we are going to give every single one of you our best rifle and handgun firearm stock.  The French appreciated it but we heard nothing from the Germans except the Merck Manual to diagnose us as something we are not!  "Hey you Americans who we diagnosed as mentally ill for hearing voices when you really had the genes of Creative Geniuses, and that was our Helga's chanting to you using our technology, we are very sorry here are our best modern firearms."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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