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Monday, March 2, 2015

The ,458 Socom should be standard issue for U.S. Forces in the Middle East

The .458 Socom should be standard issue for U.S. Forces in the Middle East

Also every soldier should have a grenade launcher mounted to their rifles. 

The .308 or larger should still be good for sniping, but I Believe a .50 Caliber made very light with a graphite over barrel would be a lot better.

The Gas tube operated system should have been gone a long time ago in favor of a gas operated piston type rod.

The feeding mechanism is all wrong too!  The feeding mechanism should be designed so that whatever bullet head type is placed in the gun it has a zero jam rate.

The military sidearm should never be anything less than .45 caliber.  But the .45 APC looks to be unstable to me, so perhaps a .45 Long Colt should be Standard Issue, in either revolver or Semi Auto Browning style per the users choice.

How the Military rifle should really be?  Two barrels.  The lower accompanies a large bullet or buckshot or a grenade to be launched.  The top barrel is a long distance sniper rifle.  One might be underfed and the other left side fed.

The lower barrel mechanism/breech should be located about 12" from the muzzle.  It should have one setting when large caliber handgun bullets are used, Full Auto.

It should also be able to use a 30mm flare cartridge capable of being launched at an aircraft up to 5 miles away and not be defeated.

Cartridges standard issue for the lower barrel are those that can cut through and melt 1" thick steel structures.  Such cartridge shells should also be so that they can be used as placed charges.  So here we are getting into a grenade that can be either launched, placed or thrown.

Also a gelled natural gas cartridge that has a setting whereby it can be used as a camp heating source.

The Butt stock should contain a strand of hardened steel inside high grade aluminum so that a man can be beat to death with and it wont harm the gun.  Also in the butt stock can be an integrated bomb, whereby the weapon can be dropped as the soldier is out of ammo and running for his life and the VC who picks it up and all those around him will be blown up.

Also all water canteens should be made of Iron/magnesium type composite whereby the minerals leaching from it will not hurt you and it is less likely to freeze or break from freezing.  Plastic bottles/jugs are counter to human health and metabolism; enough of that!

And our Police Force that frequently engages drug dealers should have them too, but they can't when, "That der brodder Tony of his out a New York is a member of the mafia."

Thomas Paul Murphy


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