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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Long Lone Wind 11 25 2012

A Long Lone Wind or Modern Prisoners and Mental Slave Labor 11 25 2012
We have never really heard of slaves doing white collar labor in the United States.   We basically think of slaves as working on farm plantations.
But what if an evil race figured out how to make slaves do all of their white collar labor?  What if people who seemed to be free really were not? How would a crime like this be structured?
What if people were made to not be able to think with their own minds as part of the process?  Could that not be the origin of what I speak of?
What if an evil race tormented the minds of the mental slaves so they would indeed do their work for them?  That is not the future that is indeed the past and present reality I proclaim; and those mental slaves are indeed labeled schizophrenics!  It can be proven; but you would rather believe that it is not true!  Jesus Christ called members of the evil race- Satan.  Likely a center truncated slang of the word Sanhedrin.  He went on to tell us that they have no soul!  That is indeed the reality right from the Bible! 
So how are modern slaves disciplined?  (Disciplined~= to make a disciple of?  Jesus never hurt anyone!!!  Think about who would say he did!)  To keep a slave you have to discipline them and beat them right?   
So again how are modern slaves disciplined?  By the use of a new brand of weapon so horrible that no-one would ever believe in it either; the psychotronic weapon; a form of less than lethal electronic weaponry!  All done in the name of coexistence right?
One day the criminals in this crime against humanity will be known for having committed this crime!  But we are likely to see a nuclear irradiated earth before the followers look in desperation to find and recognize their true leaders.  (That was indeed the theme of a movie.)  And it is indeed what the book of revelation alludes to happening.
You can question me on this and as long as I have not been hit over the head with a microwave beam I will be able to successfully defend my position.  But wait that is not true; when I am not being bothered I am so happy that I live in a state of euphoric bliss; high as a kite on the beauty of my life, so I wouldn’t be able to defend it any more than what you can read in my blogs.
They modern mental slaves are continually threatened with this horror; taunted that they should be on mind numbing medicine!  The taunting and voices are really a way to maintain a connection to their minds which in effect means they are doing your work for you!  And there are many in our society whom never earned the achievements they were given credit for!  The freeloaders are not who you think they are!  And the freeloaders not being whom you think they are fits exactly in place with every problem our society faces!
At this point you have pulled out your text book and are looking up the definition of me.  Not so fast; look to your Bible first and ask yourself what Jesus Christ meant when he said the last will be first and the first will be last.  The way that likely will play out is that the truly last who were first will truly be first because they have killed all of the last; and after they killed who was last that should have really been first they will indeed be the last to live a lifespan on earth because they really deserved to be last the entire time!  (A long lone wind isn’t it!)  (“A long lone wind” would make a good title for something wouldn’t it?)
Forgive me master race!
You (general populous not of evil occult) could not figure out why the bull being ridden is so angry either until you saw the rope around its genitals and the guy in the clown costume shocking the bull with an electric stun gun before it left the gate or doorway entrance of the corral it was penned in.  You couldn’t see that was happening until the camera focused its lens on it and you were told what was going on!  Ask yourself what the nature of something that walks on two legs would be that does the same comparative thing to a human being?  It might have its origin in a Southern State like Texas; the oil State Kennedy was assassinated in?
Yep- they figured out how to create the electro convulsive shock particle wave beam and wield it from a concealed distance!  They actually thought of that a long time again before WWI or WWII per my research on what the alcoholic East Coast aristocrat inventor Tesla crated and marketed in Europe!  Don’t forget that the United States was very big into Eugenics around that time.  Think of the analogy of a stooge or monkey holding a gun in its hand for the first time and realizing it can achieve great power by being a thief! A full spectrum analyzer can detect and prove this if the person wielding it wanted it to be known.
It is very disturbing that Police Officers are befriending boys in the community and likely escorting them to a private location.   In the house next to them lives a man; a prisoner if you will who has committed no crime other than to try and be the good person.  And they are electro-shocking him and microwaving him from that hidden location.  Here is how the dialog plays out.
“His name is Adolph, ride him boy,” said one mature Nazi to a Nazi youth.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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