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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inventions Needed Backpack feed for AR 15

Inventions Needed Backpack feed for AR 15
What a well equipped solder in a modern war zone needs is a feed into his machine gun rifle from a large container of bullets in a backpack.  One of those scifi movies had it in the form of a strip of corrugated metal channel flowing from the backpack to the rotary machine gun.  But in order to retrofit such a device to your modern machine gun first you would need to ensure that your standard military issue machine gun did not catch on fire.  And also I believe that the feed mechanism would have to be some kind of rotary feed based in the back mountable device of organized bullets.  And indeed their could be multiple feeds in the backpack that are indeed each the equivalent of a spring loaded cartridge feeding into the singular "flexible cartridge strip."  And this would have to be activated so that it was in timing with the machine gun take.
With a few brave solders with these on their backs dropped into the danger zone these wars in the middle east would have been over a long time ago!

Wait they were too busy promoting their right to kiss same sex Roman cousins.

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