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Monday, November 12, 2012

Legacy Motorcycle Technology has no place in our modern world 11 12 2012

Legacy Motorcycle Technology has no place in our modern world 11 12 2012
The founders of motorcycle companies were great and legendary innovators and inventors.  To be an inventor means that you love to apply new principals and innovate; that is how your creative mind works.  If you go to any museum you will see pictures of how proud they were.  I live in Milwaukee.  If they knew that the technology had not changed in forty plus years they would be rolling in their graves angry!
They loved the natural world; you can see it in their designs.  If they knew how polluting those bikes are in comparison of how they could not be they would be crying!
They loved people and fun!  If they knew a whole culture of drinking trouble making adults with the minds of children were the current market for their products they would be greatly ashamed!
IF they knew that children in classrooms all across the country were distracted from learning by the noise of those things and our national educational system suffered because of this shift of focus they would recall every one of those.
If they knew that men drove through towns and acted like grade school bullies on banana seat bicycles they would greatly renovate them.
If they new apple pie American son’s lost their lives in the Middle East to put gas in them they would convert everyone of them to electric.
I just always ask myself the same question, “How old is that person that looks and acts that way?”
Maybe I know wrong from right and maybe the son who acts like his grandma as an adult does. 
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