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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I believe that our Government program Head Start is satanic 11 07 2012

I believe that our Government program Head Start is satanic 11 07 2012

And if they are not satanic there is a program that is using them as a mask to their satanic operations.  Children are not supposed to be developed with the soulless mind of the devil no matter what their income level is.  The program indeed was an offshoot of the Lyndon B. Johnson Admin.  He was the VP under our beloved assassinated Kennedy and also likely an English Essene in nature.

When the greatest minds in our society are prevented from succeeding our society is indeed doomed to failure.  How many Head Start children came back to reach down help the neighborhoods they came from via their own skills rather than cannibalization of our democracy.

I have never had anything good to say about Johnson.  And I have never had anything good to say about the Bush admin that reinstituted Head Start in 2007 nor Tommy Thompson who to me seems like a Nazi drug dealer.  You can not tell me that George Bush is not a German fascist.

What am I complaining about?  The use of Nazi era weaponry to falsely create mental illness in adults and steal all of their work.  It makes one wonder if indeed Bush did not bomb the World Trade Center and his Satanic Saudi Arabian friend Osama did not purposefully take credit for it, in order to reinstitute a hell on earth that completely defeats and destroys the free world.

And Obama is right their to turn the spit.  New York can thank him personally for the next hurricane.  What was more important to the country was the feeble minded superceding the class in the middle of them rather than ensuring humanity had a future on earth.

It reminds me of what an Italian man once said to his son with regard to him wanting to invest in the roaring stock prices pre the stock market collapse of 1929, "Just wait, you'll see."

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  1. If you remember that President Kennedy had nothing good to say about the function of Ivy League Universities in our society and that he was indeed assassinated after saying that. Then you have Lyndon Johnson bringing forth the Head Start program in his wake? Kennedy would have nothing good to say about the Head Start program and how it has been used as a front by the feeble minded satanic to drain the wealth and work force from this country.

    This country has gone straight down hill because of the Satanic influence. The Satanic are not for the sanctity of democracy or freedom because their minds are not free and have never been free. A free mind is not one that is raised to demonize others. The Satanic are raised the way they are out of lack of confidence by their parents and they are miserable for their entire lifetime. And that misery is projected outward to the destruction of the fabric of our society and world.