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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eugenics Do The Math 11 28 2012

Eugenics Do The Math 11 28 2012

Which states were the greatest proponents of Eugenics in this country?  California and I believe per memory North Carolina.

When you think of North Carolina what do you think of?  Tobacco Fields are what I think of!

When you think of California what do you think of?  Wine growers!

When you think of the South in general what do you think of?  Corn Whiskey and Sugar Beet Rum!

The early statistically substantial correlation that could have been reached being what you are selling is creating people you don't like!

What's a matter with the good ole American common sense of someone just looking and you and saying, "Something is wrong with you."  That is old fashioned wisdom of the south after all isn't it?

The conclusion being you should not have been conceived under the metabolic influence of these commercially available substances.  And rather than come to your common sense you defend the right to be a moron!  Why?  Because you don't know what you potential could have been!

You have no conception of what you potential as a human being could have been!  Other than the spite and jealousy based rebellion as evidence of the true nature of your personal condition.

I look at some of you and I say what was the Alcohol content of the placenta mush (or mash) you were born with.

The South did not win the Civil war but they did warp the interpretation of the Constitution to suit their own purpose.

Rather than allowing these people to create genetically compromised victims, that are destined to be welfare victims...Rather than allowing these people to create genetically compromised welfare victims why don't we make welfare victims of them instead?

If you support any of these commercial items you also support a low grade imbecile based educational standard!  Why?  All these items are used as a sense of escapism from learning, memory and the furthering of every profession.  No true dad would drink or smoke.  Mine did not!

"A man from Yosemity sold you whiskey and tobacco and then say's you offspring needs to be gassed in the South." That is the conflicting nature of the Right Wing mind.

So we get rid of this stuff and what happens?  It might take 200 years before your lineage improves but it might be worth it.

What is also your nature?  You support alcohol and tobacco and then bitch about food stamps.  Why?  Because you are trying to hide the fact that you have the same cognitive ability as those that are on them!  This is how the upper class is no different that the lowest class!  You hate the poor because you are no better in terms of intelligence than them!  You are MODERN CONFEDERATES in every sense of the world.  Why don't you just label yourselves that instead of Republicans or Tea Party members!  Put it out there in the open cowards!

The reason that these have not been banned is because of the Confederate interpretation and mal influence to our Constitution.  You drink the mash and smoke like fiends and think no-one will ever be able to tell that the wool has been pulled over their eyes with regard to this matter.

These items and the quest for them and to produce them can likely also be attributed to a cause of slavery!

Those that support acreage for Tobacco and alcohol production are the same ones to bitch about food stamps.  That land did not belong to you in the first place did it?  You got it through squatting, land grants and encroachment.  And that is what you are doing to the rights of Middle class Americans.

So many good things could be done with that land.  So many lives made better.

Interesting concept.  What if suburban houses lined the edge of large fields.  And all members of the community met at one end of the field to start the work day.  For you Bible Belters it sounds like a quote from Jesus Christ doesn't it.  "You will beat your swords into plow shares."  It also implies that absent the intelligent of the world you won't know how to do anything smarter.  And those who start professing drink and tobacco will likely be taken to the edge of the city by the same people that support it today and those people taken to the edge of the field will be the same people that support it today- and they will be stoned out of necessity!  That is what I think that your true nature is; conflicted self hatred.

In conclusion or summary:  you sell and support the very same things that created your hidden weakness? And if you hadn't sold them we would not have had the Eugenics movement and nor would we have had WWII.

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