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Thursday, November 22, 2012

British Indians 11 22 2012

British Indians 11 22 2012
The nomenclature that I have been using to describe people from India is India Indians.  I use this to differentiate them from the good ole American Indian.
But if that is not the proper nomenclature to use in this country how do we differentiate them.  And indeed is there a movement to not differentiate them until we no longer have the good ole American Indian.
Perhaps this is a better nomenclature to use.  India Indians did indeed learn to speak English from British Colonists.  And I do not know the history of how they were treated when they were colonized by the British.  But again maybe this terminology is better, British Indians!!!
Does it not have a disturbing ring to it?  Considering how our Republican Party seems to have an affinity for the British as the only standard of what is proper?  The ancestors of the British were indeed Druids.  And the name England got its name because the land slopes upward away from the Eastern Coast the Romans invaded from; hence Angle Land or England.  Brings up a whole different type of thought process doesn’t it?  I often do find that our banking system that is based on a legacy of values from the monarchy is indeed a threat to this country and the environment.

So if they are indeed British Indians ….

And I am not a racist.  Many British Indians are indeed very beautiful and if myself and one fell in love together I would indeed marry her.

I told myself I would not write this stuff “no more” but I just sat down and started typing.
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