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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

With Regard to Bush Being Proactive with Regard to Hurricane Katrina 11 27 2012

With Regard to Bush Being Proactive with Regard to Hurricane Katrina 11 27 2012

Your right wing government wants to make government smaller in order to crowd out good and progressive ideas like alternative energy.  It is very easy to do this when you lessen government to the point where it is essentially a blunt dictator spokesman facade for the rich.

If Bush had really been inteligently proactive with regard to hurricane Katrina he would have seen to it that every house in American had its roof lined with photovoltaic electricity producing solar panels from day one!!!  But instead he did exactly the opposite thing of what he should have done.

Had he had put the solar panels or your Right Wing government come on board of the idea we might not have had the carbon emmissions and pollution in the ocean that makes it thermally unstable and prone to hurricanes.  That would have been proactive with regard to Katrina!!!

But your Tea Party wants smaller government to crowd out the very notion of it.

The theme of our modern financial industry is to have a person invest a dollar and not provide any benefit back to them for it.  The government of the Taxpayer ends up footing the giant liability that is created by them.

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  1. One thing is someone's responsibility while something else belongs to the responsibility of everyone else?

    The generalization of responsibility. It mean that responsibility for ideas you do not like or support is generalized so that everyone is labeled to be responsible for them rather than- yourself when in the position of power and accused? This has indeed been a very popular tactic of our right wing government. It really means they won't cooperate. It is the same line as the rich or poor kid saying, I will get a job today- every day.