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Monday, November 26, 2012

Proof Schizophrenia is a Medical Fraud 11 26 2012

Blessed is the one who reads aloud.  (From the book of Revelation in the Bible)

Can I prove everything that I claim in my blogs?

Yes!  Without a shadow of a doubt I can!

Here is how the scientific test was indeed structured that proved what I claim.  And it has already been proven.

1.  Two rooms.  They are separate from each other.  Sound can not be heard between the two because there is a large double or tripled wall space between them.

2.  In one room sits a schizophrenic (person A) that still believes in themself and is not medicated.  He or she really knows or believes that they themselves are really the leader of a school of thought.  He is adorned with not a crown of thorns but instead a head net that monitors brain waves and activity.

3.  Person B is the test subject.  The accused who has been chosen by Person A who is a victim of soul theft.  Person B sits in the second room.  And wears the same brain monitoring apparatus.

4.  Both brain wave monitoring devices feed into the same program data so that the time frames are exact.  One on one side of the screen the other on the other in real time synchronized recording.

5.  Person A starts to read aloud from a chosen area of interest.

The test subjects brain waves did indeed mimic that of person A in the soundproof room.  And to the highest degree of statistical corelation!  Exact if you will!

A. Method of experiment controls.  All test subjects are free from drugs.
B. The situation is switched around and proves that the one does indeed follow the other and not vice versa.
C. Control test subjects of different races and religous upbringing are used to further the data.

Again it has been very easily and inexpensively proven but the Satanic do not want it to be proven so they have denied the public access to the real data and experiment.


Sure you can claim that you are all part of the polarity of a light particle of creation or whatever in your defense but you better start talking today before it is too late!  Someone who does not like you might get wind of this and there could be dire consequences to everyone!


Let's see, today I will be reading from that new issue of fashion magazine that "not hit the store shelves yet! "

Or wait maybe the woodworking one????

I caught you and you know it!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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