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Monday, November 12, 2012

That Polish Father looked like a Woman 11 12 2012

That Polish Father looked like a Woman   11 12 2012
Yesterday I went to a regional discount sporting goods store to purchase a two pairs of polypropylene top long underwear; there was only one in the size 2x I take on the shelves and of course it costs you more money to be a big person in this world (pun intended.)  But while I was there a Polish looking man entered the store and headed towards the gun section.  He had a short blonde haired girl along in tag with him; I assume it was his daughter.  But I took one look at the man and what did I notice?  He could not look me in the eye.  But he was acting like he was a man that liked to through his weight around and huff and puff to get his way.  He wanted to buy a twenty two caliber rifle for that little girl.  What I noticed about his face was that it was red and puffy, his chin was prominent like that of a witch that had not teeth and an infected jaw bone.  I saw it quite clearly; there was the evil face of a red hot woman superimposed over his!!!
It just amazed me and I didn’t know where to start with it.  But the prevailing thought was that the father had an emotional problem and could not teach the daughter responsible gun ownership.  I might have settled on this thought and it relates to the story of a little girl below, maybe that little girl wants to own a gun because she indeed knows that she is responsible and would not harm others with it?  When I was a boy I would see my grandfather’s 410./.22 gauge on the farm and wanted one too.  I waited all the years it took to be of age and took the hunter safety course.   As I waited those years I thought of how I would safely own one.  I don’t know if I ever imagined doing other than hunting or target shooting with it but if I did it was just my imagination and I know very well how to separate imagination and categorize it different that reality.  There are some in this world who have a lot of trouble with this as it relates to how they behave.  And it does not help that the reality they learn with regard to firearms is in the movies or our highly profitable video game industry.  I was also a member of the rifle team in high school.  I cannot imagine someone with the mentality of your dumb high school jock being able to safely own a firearm and yet these are the people who would make all the decisions for the rest of us in this world to the point that we should not own one because they do not feel comfortable around dangerous objects.
Some of my ancestors owned a paving company and I grew playing up with a double barreled sawed off shot gun missing the firing hammers and empty wooden dynamite boxes to put my toys in.  I still live in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.
So I got to thinking later on as I sat in the car waiting for my mother to do her grocery shopping what creates a man like that; and the phrase came to me, “Italian men; the best cunnilingus lovers and as captains the first to leave the ship.”  Implication of a man beat miserable by his wife and possessed into the act and the mal-hormonal influence on the race.  The next phrase that occurred to me was, “A secondary cause of transgendered souls.  Then a woman or man saying, “Ingesting female hormones had nothing to do with my son being gay or my daughter also having a phallus above her hairy vagina.”  I was on the fatty boombalati train and continued my thoughts, “After a while of that he says he doesn’t feel like a man anymore.”  Followed by what one would assume to be the wrap up of, “After awhile of that he started to look like her.”  But I had one more to add to my ledger of intelligence that is so agonizing to the world, “Nobody knows what tipped the sea saw to make my son like a girl.”
Then I started to remember what an awful childhood myself and my sister had at the Catholic grade school just down the block from us; Holy Family.  I remember how some of the girls that were mean to her were polish.  I remember one day she came home emotionally upset.  My father had taught my sister and me the basics of the stock market.  And indeed we owned a few shares each of Levi’s jeans.  One day during the middle of class one of the girls gave the signal and right in front of the emotionally disturbed chain smoking teacher they got out of their seats, tackled her and ripped the Levis tag off of the back pocket of her pants.  Like always no-one was punished for this if at all or to the point that they reframed from bad behavior.  Instead Catholic School was the haven for those who liked to look at that man on the cross and think of other considered lesser forms of crucifixion?  The bad kids got expelled from public school and suddenly we had what should have been another inmate among us.  The Catholic Church took the money and the bad kids were schooled with the good.  What would their weak minded parents offer in defense for their children’s behavior, “They are all growing up together.”  Barrack went to Catholic School, I remember reading, was he expelled from the public school system I ask?
Then I thought of how the current Catholic Bishop is also Polish.  Then I thought of a story a Polish girl told me while I was in College at UW Milwaukee.  She told me how they were mean to a little blonde haired girl who sat in class with them.  How they put glue on her chair and did all sorts of terrible things to her.  This Polish college girl was from the South Side of Milwaukee where it is thought that there are indeed more polish.  I asked her why they did this to her and she just smiled like the Mona Lisa and could not answer.  Then I remember a story my father told me about how when he first married my mother they looked at a house on the south side and a Polish man insulted him and said, “What do you want to live here for?”  As if the Polish man was above him in some way. Both my mother and father were tried and true honest school teachers. 
There is definitely something to being insulted by someone you know in retrospect you should have considered lesser than you?  I mean in my family we just expected everyone to treat everyone else with respect in the world.  We did not expect to be insulted for no reason because we did not insult or desire to.  As I age though I find that I have to keep my guard up to keep my mind with me.  And now I too insult but only after being insulted.  And I am very good at it.  Am I the one bitten by the vampire that bites back as the only means of defense?  The good man turned into the punk by a race of punks without souls?  Thank you for the enlightenment he who wears the Holy Hat.
I have to ask myself, if the land of Poland was indeed indoctrinated with a Pagan belief system what was that Pagan belief system.  The Druids were of pagan belief and stabbed people to divine the future from their dying soul.  Were the early poles people who drove stakes into people’s chests in the same manner?  I started to read about Poland etc and it is very interesting, The Unitarian Church had a basis in Poland and they were said to be called the Arian Religion at first?  Then you had the Teutonic Knights going into Poland and clearing out the Pagans.  I will indeed tell that there is a great amount of truth in the horror symbolized by the legend of Vampires but that is another article.
One of my grade school friends that I admired was Polish and his father put a steering wheel where the handlebars of his bicycle would be and I thought that was the neatest thing that I had ever seen!!!  And as I grew up I thought in those types of terms making things like that.  I never wanted to be a teacher like my father because I had too much exposure to bad kids to want to have the patients to teach them.
I am not a racist.  I am just getting at an issue that I think deserves some light.  Once again the behavior cited above seems to transcend races.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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