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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thoughts and ideas from reading about Eugenics in the United States 11 17 2012

Thoughts and ideas from reading about Eugenics in the United States 11 17 2012
The U.S. was planning on joining the war on the side of Nazi Germany!  This is the only conclusion that one can come to!  The Eugenics program of sterilization that was in place in the United States was indeed what Hitler read and studied.  Not only that the United States had planned to put up local gas chambers as a form of Eugenics.  Indeed involuntary sterilization by our government was a common part of government service; indeed it was a reality.  That is why there was a military buildup in the United States before WWII.  It is very interesting that we entered WWII right after the Supreme Court ruled that if you involuntarily sterilized criminals you had to include white collar criminals- the ruling was in 1942!  We turned on a dime.  Not only that we knew that Jews were being murdered and turned away a boat from Germany of them.
Reading that article left many questions that have never really been addressed with regard to the psychology of Eugenicists.  Such as, if they castrated as a form of sterilization were they indeed eating the ovaries and testicles on the metal lab plates as a form of the fountain of youth.
Or, by ending the future lifeline of a human being do they gain vigor and strength?  These are not superior races that do this because a superior race would not need to;  that is indeed the nature of superiority, you don’t have to prove yourself or be pretentious.
Interestingly enough Alexander Grahm Bell was a Eugenicist.  He was the founder of the technology of American Telephone and Telegraph.  When I went to grade school the father of the class bully worked for AT&T, do you know what that father called me?  “Murf the surf?”
When I went to work for First Analysis I learned that their fall back money came from a quarter billion dollar investment from AT&T.  That money was put in risk free investments. The firm I worked for also had many secret meetings with technology companies.  And indeed they had me try on the first pair of noise cancellation headphones.  They also put my desk right next to a telecom device the size of a refrigerator that put out a field made it very difficult for me to think through.  And let me tell you that when I am free of distraction I can think extremely well; if I have to say so myself!
The truth about Jesus Christ?  They cooked his naked flesh in the open sun.  Much like you see meat hanging up on the hooks of a polish deli!  He was done in a mere three hours.  They liked to eat his premium flesh rare!  They wanted to eat him so bad they did not let the flesh cook much after he died? 
The pale faced look of cannibals comes to mind.
Many people on television do indeed have the facial expression that I can describe as being, the monkey with the salivating mouth full of blood or thirst for blood.
Once a human cannibal ate human flesh they might have an autoimmune response inflammation whereby they would have to eat more flesh in order to satiate themselves?  Talking about holographic memory in a cell.  It is much like a woman needing the plasma mixture from 1000 donors in order to be healed from a soul theft like disturbance.
Schizophrenia is like a monkey tribe on the perimeter of the city waiting to drag way a human being that they find wandered off alone.
In our modern world some wait and lure humans via fake love.
Some by offering jobs to good to be true that require relocation.
Some wait until they go away to school.
One primate politician a lead candidate recently said, “If they get free health care it will be the end of us!”
Once their mind is gone from consuming the flesh with the life blood still in it they long for new victims!  God forbid the consuming of the flesh with the life blood still in it in the bible.
But what if they could be treated to become normal?  What if those who stole the soul of human beings could be treated so they had their own?  Can it be done?  Or after 2000 years is it a virtual impossibility?
How are people lured?  The marketing method of creating an urgent need!
Interestingly enough when they smoke cigarettes not all of them look like they have a mouth full of fresh human blood anymore!  It must satiate that desire of delay it to a stronger rebound?
Some even have the look on their face that hides that desire for a fresh mouth full of human blood- they won’t look you in the eye when you talk to them.  And is that not the tactic that is used on television to create conflict?  To put one person of baron intelligence and strong intellect against another in the form of an interchange of blood thirsty insult?  Hasn’t the American public seen enough of this?  Make that television free and no one will watch that and society will start to revert to normal?  When consumers are forced to pay so much for even the basic service they are led to believe what they are watching is better than what it is.  They are led to believe that they must watch in order to get their money’s worth?  Some also have what I call the Transylvanian lisp; it is kind of dry palate speech that seems like it is waiting in desperation!  Like a hungry dog panting for a handout of food?
But what is all this really?  It is the burning desire to be a human being again!
It is create when they get an immaculate dose from one who is!  You have to feel sorry for them because that immaculate does is as close as they ever come to the experience of being a human being- and what they temporarily become is not themselves.  It is not themselves because they were never developed to be a self with all those skills!  Instead they were part of the monkey tribe that waited, just waited, at the edge of town!  Can you see why today they are pro-life?  It is all part of their confusion?  They know that they cannot have children like what they want the perfect child to be!  That has been how they have trended recently.  Of course if given the chance they would also put all they chose to into the gas chambers and sterilization.  It is a reflux psychological construct of asserting yourself to be something you are not through aggression and leveling.
Countermeasure: Imagine yourself taking a napkin to the corners of their mouths and giving them some fresh clean water to drink!  This would indeed help serve to satiate their hunger pains.  Wait, I forgot to tell you we don’t have clean water anymore because of them!  It gets worse, many species that live in water are becoming extinct because of them and the dirty water!  Anything other than their own personal psychological conflict is of secondary and useless nature to them; including water.  They primary concern is for a fresh mouth full of proverbial blood.  And didn’t Jesus say that when he handed them the cup of wine and said it was really his blood!  I have clean water because I have a filter in my house.  You see that is a responsible thing to do with regard to living isn’t it.
So how did these people get to be so depraved of the human soul?  I have to ask the question, “Were some trained to suck off below momma apron and a dependency was thereby created?”
Once they get that imbecile souls the only reprieve that they have is to believe that they are someone else- and that is you.  And that indeed spells big trouble for you because they will go to great lengths to stay you, including falsely defining and medicating you!
Maybe the ability to cook and prepare healthy food and keep a clean kitchen and germ free body are what we should be teaching in schools?  They don’t seem to learn anything that was part of a traditional curriculum. New Kosher Standards!
Eugenicists:  You like a fake world because it has always been an easy world for you to live in!
Does all this sound like paranoia to you?  Just ask yourself, who kidnaps children in our world?  What is it like one in every 20 seconds?
The FBI has never given an accurate profile of those who kidnap children.  The Eugenics movement never went away, instead it became what is considered covert or black operations!  IF you don’t believe me with regard to the credibility of our FBI, SS, Defense Department, or CIA just remember that Eugenics or involuntary sterilization was a reality in North Carolina until 1976!
Does our country cooperate with foreign nations to horse trade human beings?  You have to think of people who would do this as not having a human soul!
And with regard to our Homeland Security for all the righteous sound it has to it children are still being kidnapped in our country.  Crime has not gone down either!  Don’t believe me as to its invalidity?  Two Iowa children are still missing that were taken long before the 2012 election.
White skinned apes with a taste for a human soul!
Can we profile a white Eugenics racist better than that?  Hitler was a short man wasn’t he?  Michael Jackson wanted to be white didn’t he?  Someone with money that was driven to succeed because there was something about themselves they didn’t like and couldn’t change.
Eugenics fits the whole theme of having children without needing to love and care for them in the raising of them doesn’t it?  Ask yourself, who is that the profile of?  Someone who was born into a wealthy family and neglected as a child!  They don’t have a clue as to what it means to be human so it is something they seek or attempt to control!  What they are really doing is preventing the humans of our world from succeeding.  It is a form of spite projected outward in hatred for what they cannot truly be!
And what does their behavior stem from?  An inability to blame their own laziness and idol mind created by wealth and spoiled coddling for the poverty of their human soul!
They seek to give birth to a fully gown and intelligent human; and what they create are monsters!
The gestalt of their personality is, “I’ve got a mouth full of human blood and that makes me better than you!”
What happens when you try and befriend one, have a relationship or work for one?  You guessed it; that wolf gets your feathers in its mouth!
They love me because I am 6’1” with Arian looks and high intelligence! In contrast to them I believe in freedom, fairness, equality and camaraderie.
An Italian fascist would say, “When we make our children we break the mold.”
A German fascist would say, “He who has no children raises all of ours.”
An English fascist, “My tea and cake blood is better than yours.”
A India Indian, "I am better because I seek to have more order."  Wait that was my father.
An American Fascist:  with regard to everything bad they do and delusions and false beliefs, “I create the best example for the leaders of lesser nations to follow!”  Sounds like something good ole German George Bush would spout off and say doesn’t it?
And wasn’t his policy to take rather than develop?  That is indeed the profile of a griffin.
Basically when you were happily raised by loving parents you don’t seek to bother other people.  Instead you enjoy mutual respect with people and working together with them.  That is the human way.  Just try and imagine the psychological framework of a child that wasn’t loved and instead was imprinted with a tortured soul?  Think of it this way, if a child is not love it can only be imprinted with a tortured soul- it is one or the other isn’t it!
Such people never develop a camaraderie with one another; instead the focus of their camaraderie is the envy and hatred of the source of their soul that was stolen for them like a vulture feeding entrails to its young.
That soul is indeed actually  denied from its owner by the mocking woman narrator in the bible who wrote the parable of the talents!  She comes back strong in the book of revelation to!
And that is the nature of the origin of voice every schizophrenic hears, “Your’e later works will be better than your first!”  She can’t teach her child how to work because he is useless!
Very subversive writing!  Very strange writings!
Let’s all hold on our groins and walk a little shorter so Hitler isn’t offended!
When you look at the American Eugenics movement you say there is absolutely no way the U.S. would have killed Hitler!  Why not?  They created him!
So the mastermind behind all of this would be the one to enjoy that everyone involved was miserable and who would that be?  A woman!
Real men don’t need to bother other people, participate in it or condone it!  Why not?  They know that it is an integral character flaw to ones personality!  Real men do not try and drive life and soul from you to them!
The best thing you can do for Eugenicists is point out their faults?  No because they hate themselves so much that they will look upon other people that they can point out a flaw in and seek to victimize them in a response that commensurate their ego back to normal.  They think, you kicked me, you are my master, I to be like you, I kick lesser.  So is indeed the worse thing you do for them or yourself to point out their faults?  But if you do not point out their faults they do indeed revert to the “I kick lesser” anyway. 
Synthetic schizophrenia is a reality of the Neo Eugenics movement.  How so?  These idiots read that there was a connection between mind and body and thought that if they could drive the good mind from someone that they were indeed creating the ideal body also.
And this occult has Catholics, Germans, Lutheran, English, Jews, Blacks, etc, etc, at the core of its dead human heart!
When they ultimately realize they can’t be you then they proclaim, “You took something from me!” And then comes the Active Denial nonlethal technology weaponry.

Eugeniscist’s were the worst racists that the country ever knew and they are still prominent today.  Their nature is self hatred and the search for an idol to be like rather than spend the personal time to develop their own talents.
So why do I write this terrible stuff?  I am indeed targeted with nonlethal weapon that distracts me away from doing the things that I love to do and write about in life.  So I figure if I shed light on this in the process it might put an end to it through exposition.  To say that I do not write this of my own will is true, but to say that I do not have my own will to keep from hurting myself and others is untrue.  The reason that I do not have my own will with regard to what I write is because those who have my soul can’t stand the idea of my relaxed mind creating and profiting from my own great works of art.  It is only true of writing.  It is indeed how the devil hides its existence in our world; it possesses you to write horrible things about it so that it can point the finger at you as the criminal in the world.  It is its most favorite thing in life!
And what person that truly loves themselves needs alcohol or drugs.  They are a contradiction to love of self.  And of course sometimes it becomes someone else needs to be on drugs too!  Or maybe I need to sterilize someone because I am insanely jealous of their potential in life!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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