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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How did they ever get away with Pay for Polluting? 11 14 2012

How did they ever get away with Pay for Polluting? 11 14 2012

Who were the first politicians that decided that environmental polluters could pay a fine rather than stop polluting?  It is like telling a criminal- a murderer that they can pay a fine for everyone that they murder.  And that does indeed happen in our legal system doesn’t it?  So indeed the fallacy of a flawed legal system in terms of its ideology and corruption spread into public policy that affected the health and welfare of our nation.
The flawed legal system also made us believe that the Constitution should be interpreted to the effect that it does not apply to the health and general welfare of the American public.  Why was this done?  Because for every transgression away from the spirit of the Constitution some low life made a dollar off of the health, integrity and souls of Americans and our nation. 
So who would do such an evil?  To understand our legal system and why it is flawed you have to understand the mind of a different type of person that was first described in the Bible by Jesus Christ.  It is a person that was raised not to have their own soul.  So why don’t they have their own soul?  Because they were raised to demonize an adult from their soul.  And that adult who hears those voices is termed a Schizophrenic and bares the stigmata of that while those who tormented their mind and soul do indeed go on to become lawyers.
The fact is that the mind of satan is the result of mal influences to their human genetics during conception and development.  And indeed one parent who knew nothing else in life other than being an evil person cannot raise a child to be anything different than that; they are locked into that way of life and hardwired thinking.  If you look at all the bad things that happen in our world they are indeed approved and supported by those who do not have a great concern for optimum mental and physical health of a populous.  Why is it this way?  Because they know that their own personal human identity is flawed when compared to someone that has been demonized in order to create their evil and by definition feeble minds.
So who indeed supported that someone could pay and still pollute?  I will have to research this.  But if possible we might be able to place a black flag of dishonor on their dated gravestones.
You bore no responsibility to the degredation and extinction of fresh water fish species.  How many other species will become extinct because of the weak mind and ideas you superimposed on the public of the world.
The psychological principal at work here is, they care very little for other animal species of the world because they hate themselves.  They project this hatred unto the world in the form of bad policy.  The bad policy draws attention to them as people and that is what they enjoy most in life.  In effect we can think of every bad policy, we know just by using our common sense to be bad, as a cry for help as it pertains to their own personal condition.  They want freedom and revelation from their condition and I am inclined to give it to them as well as amnesty for all the bad things that have done to humanity and our future.
For if we do not peacefully cross this hurdle in world history what we are going to see is species after species becoming mutated and then extinct until it gets to the human race.
We have not been thinking responsible as a world with regard to energy, pollution our environment and our future.  And there is only one reason for this.  This souless race likes to measure its place in society by money and in order to make money they expense all the good things in our world- that means polluting rather than acting responsible.  That means use something that is really not a viable currency in our world in terms of it representing an actual skill value; money, was made by polluting and used to pay rather than not pollute.  The money should not have been the human concern in terms of hierarchy the environment should have been.  Money should only be useful in terms of something that one can use to by goods that are legal to posses and services that are legal.  When it can also be used to undermine our laws in order to make illegal goods and services legal we have a major problem.  Pay to pollute?  How does that in any way conform to the spirit or substance of the law it subverted?  It reminds me of someone wanting to make money quickly and becoming a corner drug dealer.  He has so much money that his/ her relatives actually become proud of them and respect them?  How did they do this?  By capitalizing human lives for money and creating misery.  It reminds me of that television star who played the ultraconservative young businessman on a network television show; you know the one that now has Parkinson’s disease?
Somehow irresponsible people lacking common sense, pragmatism and long term human values have infiltrated our Government.  The way we get rid of them is through exposition of their actions and creating public disdain only for their actions which we know via the use of just a small percent of our common sense have been bad for us as a country once accurately deserving the title, “The Land of the Free!”
One final snub; Warren Buffet often boasted about how much money he made from owning a major national cigarette company over the years.  Warren- you need to give all that money back.  Why?  You supported the credit rating of that public corporation with your investment in it.  Without high profiled and investors who are well respected by the public like you supporting such investments we would not have the problems that our nation faces today.  Not only that everyone of those loser smokers that formulated bad public policy in our government can be attributed to the feeble will of people like you.
Indeed you looked exactly like the street corner drug dealer to me when I saw you boast on television about owning corporations that any red blooded American raised with common sense knows are a detriment to our public and as per our Constitution; the General Health and Welfare of our Nation.
I actually like your wit and do believe that you want to do the right thing.  But again no-one has ever been able to tell you how bad you have been.  You have been treated like a King.
So who were the people that thought we could pay to pollute?  If you look at the Nixon administration and every Republican since him you get a good idea of the type of corruption that has overthrown our government.
What is next?  They will indeed go in the opposite direction of what the common sense person tells them to do.  They will mandate that every American Citizens has a cigarette a day or uses an adapter to take a sucking whiff out of the tail pipe of their automobile.  That is how the idiot thinks.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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