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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Squigglers out of Personal Responsibility 11 15 2012

The Squigglers out of Personal Responsibility 11 15 2012

The first thing that they try and do when accused confronted with a problem is try to get out of being responsible for it.  What is the main way that they try to achieve this?  They falsely apply logic in all manner that they should have applied to themselves to others.

It is a form of through the looking glass mirror darkly logic.  And they do not have the proper offense to use and apply logic because if they did they would not have created the problem in the first place.

They hear but do not think and learn from what they hear.  It can be argued that do not know how to properly listen either because it is implied that one should think and learn as part of listening.

Who are they?  A priest once said, Satan is all around us.

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