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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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They way its mind has worked in Politics and Government for over four decades.
Legacy false leadership in the land of the free.
If you tell it something is a good idea it immediately does the polar opposite as a matter of public policy.  Why?  Because it needs to believe in itself over every matter of importance.   It is called maintaining the status quo.  And it has a whole supporting cast just like itself.
The other reason it does not like good ideas is because they are complicated and require analysis and thought.  It is not capable of that because it never learned to think for itself.  The only reason it got into office was because money propped it into place.  And once into place it says and does exactly what money told it to do.  And money does not like to think about better changes for the future.  Why not, because change often leads legacy businesses out of business.  Legacy businesses that failed to adopt new and proven better technology.  Legacy money does not want to ever take that risk.  And the status quo is maintained.  What does this tell us about legacy business?  That
Legacy business has created much of the problems for the future.  In a world of fair markets and fair competition new technology, with regard to clean and renewable energy, would be the most popular.  But this is not the case for many reasons.
1.       Lobby Groups.
2.       The dumbing down of Americans through alcohol, tobacco and narcotics.
3.       The complete inability of legacy businesses to understand and implement new and proven better technologies.
This is a case where the first will go to great lengths to stay first when they should indeed be last; and everyone suffers because of this.
You could say that they believe in tough love but they do not.  How easily is it to prove?  Tell them the truth and see how quickly they are offended by it and deny it.  To tell them the truth is not tough love in their perspective instead it is indeed being a mean person.  Their actions indeed have always amounted to being mean when they justified them as being tough love.  Again tough love means telling the truth to someone.
Does the non-adoption of new technologies have to do with fear of being the type of person you persecuted all your life?  You bet it does!
You hire it to serve the people and what does it do instead? It serves itself!
You explain to it all the benefits of something over a legacy technology and what does it like to do?  It likes to implement the legacy technology because it makes those who can think angry.  The other reason it does so is because it knows that it does not have the ability to teach new concepts.  And it indeed projects this mental insecurity unto the entire nation.
And in order to beat it you should not have to become it.  There should be enough intelligent people in our society that see and understand the problem so that the voice of reason wins.  But that is no longer the case.  Everyone has indeed been reduced to its level of ineptitude.
It does not matter if it is a Republican or Democrat; it is feeble minded wealth money that puts them in office.  And what does feeble minded wealth money do when they start to think independently?  They use money and other means to reassure them of lesser concepts.  It should be lonely at the top but it isn’t because the top is indeed the bottom today!  The last are and have already been first!  Does not speak very well for our future because that is what the Bible tells us is the end of the world.
Its favorite thing to do is the exact opposite of what it should because its only method of learning was to make intelligent people mad at it.  At which point it takes great delight.  It would rather make a whole country angry at it than do the right thing!
To implement change for the better you have to be step by step goal orientated.  You have to have gone through this process of project analysis many times in your life from start to finish in order to conceptualize what can be done and how to get there.  Once again you could create the best plan for the future and it would knock it down like the sand castle you just finished because that is how it defines and takes pleasure in its own state of lesser mentality.
Do you know what it wants to say about this?  That is it the rant of a MADMAN!  It isn’t it is someone analyzing and exposing MADMEN.
But what is that the mind of?  The mind that does not listen and does the exact opposite of what you explain and tell it to do?  Is that the mind of a willful woman of a primate tribe?  So indeed willful women have dominated and manipulated the freedom of this country for over four decades.  Or is it really the mind of an adult child trying to get a man to come to the surface and be its father?
This article is indeed about how we should be implementing photovoltaic energy and building integrated photo-voltaics at every possible opportunity.  It doesn’t have the slightest understanding of what those are.

It might as well be the queer singing at the transvestite bar.  They both get their jobs the same way.  (Only know of such things from tv programs I watched a long time ago when it was FREE.)
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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