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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Ancient History of Israel and the Modern World 11 15 2012

The Ancient History of Israel and the Modern World 11 15 2012
A peaceful and yet warring tribe brought back STRANGE women and ended up taking them back. (Right out of the Bible.) Because they were scorned they influenced a great many to return to the conquest of Israel.  The second line is indeed conjecture as to the motivation for the Roman invasion and conquest of Israel.  And for some very interesting reason there is very little in our history books about Rome’s invasion of Israel.  My conjecture regarding this would be that they all ended up strange and do not want anyone to know about it.  If you indeed think about it once you are strange or born strange you are part of the greatest secret in world history aren’t you.  Do you indeed have great shame that you project unto the world and independent thinkers in the form of directed hatred.
Which brings up my next question:  Did the Jewish Race change after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?  What is evidence of this?  The Gospel of Nicodemus speaks of how the crucifixion is to be the way for all to follow in the future of Israel.  They were not like that before, at least not all of them.  (Was not then Israel conquered by the Romans immediately afterwards?  “They went running from their homes in tears.”  And was not the nation of Israel gone for some 1900 years until the U.S. gave it back to them.  We fought and gave it back to them; so what should it be like?
And what is a strange woman?  It is a woman without a soul who hears the thoughts of another person to the point whereby she believes herself to be one mind with that person.  To the point where she believes that mind is hers.  To the point whereby she believes she can give that mind to her children.  To the point that because she is part of that mind she can put voices in its head just like a person needs to hear themselves think.  Bingo you have the cause of Schizophrenia.  The Bible might call those voices as being from the seven headed hydra.  I would call it a group of hags.  The great thinkers need it to be quiet in order to think, the strange ones need all kinds of noise and distraction so that they can hear the minds they have temporarily disorganized think.  Empirical evidence tells you who has been in control of our world.  And logic tells you that this leadership does not sustain the human race.

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