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Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is How Prolife SHOULD BE 11 24 2012

You have all the money and resources in the world to raise that child so why don't you give that money to the woman who gave birth to it?

I mean if you really are concerned then you set up a giant trust fund with all your LOVING MONEY so that every woman can raise the the child she gave birth to.  Wait a minute isn't that just like ust liberals who abide by our Constitution when we gave money to single mothers?

It doesn't address the issue of the mother should not have been irresponsible in having a child but it sure would seem to address your entirely honest pro-life claim and righteous guise.

What is what is really terrible is when a loving mother and father cannot raise a child just because of money and someone else can!  That is indeed what Jesus Christ of our Bible that is studied by Catholics would tell you is the root of all the evil in the matter!  How come the Catholic Church does not look at it from the root of all evil perspective that Jesus Christ would have?

Very simple, because they sold him for twenty bars of money silver and they sell the souls of men and women every day for that same money and label them schizophrenic.

It is a little known secret that the Catholic Church makes all its root of all evil by women who steal it under the parable of the talents and those are the exact same women who cannot have their own human children.

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