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Friday, November 9, 2012

David Howell Petraeus Resignation is likely a distraction from a much larger issue 11 09 2012

David Howell Petraeus Resignation is likely a distraction from a much larger issue 11 09 2012

You don't have an affair and resign from the CIA via a letter.  You have an affair and then apologize to your wife and ask her to forgive you.  

If you were a four star General employed in the Public trust you also apologize directly to the American People.

The best part of the distraction is that everyone wants to know who the woman is!!!!  

Don't give a story like this broad coverage when you don't tell us who the woman is.  Even the President of the U.S. needs to know who the woman is for a matter of national security!!!!

And indeed did his affair with the woman compromise our national security?  What nationality was she from????  Or in our strange world of today did he have an affair with a fellow Row-Man in the tent.

Or did indeed Patraeus just come under scrutiny for another issue of national security and so created this distraction or brought it to the surface as a distraction.  I have indeed told you how I heard on an Iowa radio how the department of defense is head trauma victims the soul of one person as goal.  Petraues had knowledge of this and indeed it violates every law in the book.  There also might be some scandal relating to him and foreign military bases and drug use?

Something is going on here and we can really consider the director of the CIA as more powerful than the President of the U.S.  The director of the CIA can indeed put forth all kinds of machinations to defeat a President from winning reelection.  The CIA needs to be very transparent with the American public as men like this who seek power there cannot be trusted with that power.\

I mean honest to God he had a duty to this country and what did he occupy his daily mind with instead- having an affair!  Guy's like him make that part of their daily lives though.  I will never forget what some low life once said to me, "When you have an affair with a married woman...." I forgot the rest as it is not really part of my thought nature to think such things.  -I just wanted one nice, intelligent and highly attractive woman.  Never any luck.

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  1. Jill Kelley reminds of the Monica Lewinski scandal in some way.