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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Problem Kids in Affluent Suburban Schools 11 27 2012

Problem Kids in Affluent Suburban Schools 11 27 2012

I believe that if a child is continuously disrespectful to adults in communities of the United States that they should be expelled.  I am talking mouthing off, name calling and insults.

I also believe that they should not be able to have their way bought into a private or Catholic School.

So next we will hear a bleeding heart social worker sticking up for them in defense.  “What are we supposed to do about them?”

“It is very simple we evict them and their families from the United States of America!” 

Enough is enough.  What you don’t know is that adults are purposefully raising them to be this way!  They are being taught rude behavior!  Get them out of here.

No you don’t get to go to a different school in the United States.  No you don’t even get to stay in this country.  You get to leave!  You are the antithesis of democracy and freedom.  Your parents will not discipline you to be good people.  And to the contrary everything bad you know you learned from them.  You don’t fit in here!  You leave!

What do we do with you?  We have tried everything already haven’t we!  You leave this country with your family!  That is the solution!  Go back to your country of nationality of origin!  Why because you do not respect freedom or our democracy so you do not belong here.  Just go! 

And you know it would be the best thing for you wouldn’t it?  Why because you would indeed learn to be good people in a country that does not have the freedom we do in the United States.  Impinge on our implied constitutional rights and you leave.  That is the solution.

And if you are found selling drugs to other kids!  Same thing applies.  No better way to restore the Middle Class than this.  No better way to sober up the pulsing beet head type A right wing conservatives!  Think we don’t know whose brats those are?  If there is a mean brat on television its child is a mean brat too!  If the father is a cut throat defense lawyer with ties to criminals the kid is bad too.  Etc, etc, etc.  If we hear it’s parents are members of the Tea Party we know the kids don’t have a clue what it means to be an American; and are going to snot off to everyone they see; the children of the money changers!  We need to drive them from our temple of Freedom.  And if the United States fails there is very little hope for the world as a whole because we were indeed at the lead in terms of this.
And if you don't know how to discipline your children in order to prevent them from being bad you never should have had them!   The best form that my father used with me was to show that he was very disappointed in me.  But they won't believe you because they already know that as a parent you have very little integrity!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. And don't grant yourself special rights as a State that conflict with federal laws.  I am speaking of both marijuana and health care.  You have put your identity on the table and you leave this Union too!  We did not elect you as President of the United States! Who do you think you are?  Get out!  Leave! This country is not for you! And no, you don't get the privilege of Special Education!  You leave!


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