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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Lost Future Episodes of “The Your Pot Head Son” Television Series and Full Length Movie brought to you by Thomas Paul Murphy

The Lost Future Episodes of “The Your Pot Head Son” Television Series and Full Length Movie brought to you by Thomas Paul Murphy
Now available to your viewing pleasure the lost future episodes of “The Your Pot Head Son” television series and full length movie.
Everyone of the following sentences forms an episode of a television series that could have been more popular than “The Twilight (of Humanity) Zone.”  But your pothead network executive and his pot head son were offended by it.
What we are likely to hear in the very near future episodes.
“If your pot head kid molested my son I think I would kill your whole family.”
“Your pot head son’s dirty restaurant kitchen gave my pregnant wife food poisoning and both died now you do too!”
“The residents of your pot head State do not represent the Union and will be evicted from the U.S.A.”
“As a Government policy you exempted yourselves from drug testing and now we have pot head America, I say as I see your head on one of the fence pikes.”
“Your pot head son couldn’t keep a job so we had to make pot legal.”
“You elected pot head presidents and now we have pot head America.”
“Your pot head son thought he was smarter than those who weren’t pot heads and in superiority and resentment of their feeble existence killed them.”
“Your Pot Head son sired a pot head baby right out of the womb.  See the sleepy eyes all throughout its life.”
“We are all gonna love the new evolved pot head human beings born dope eyed high out of the womb.  They will be the greatest feat modern geneticists have ever accomplished.”
“Your pot head son got sick and couldn’t take care of himself and is dead of natural causes.”
“Your pot head son pushed pot on my son and raped him with a group of pot head sons.”
“At this point in irony I can hear at least one Jew saying we tattoo them with a D on the forehead.”
“Your son couldn’t learn in school so he just went to a life of pot!”
“Your pot head son forgot to put the van in park and poses a danger to the community.”
“Your pot head son is dead because no-one would put up with him anymore.”
“Your pot head son never learned what love meant and has a string of pot head prostitutes.”
“We need to disarm all nuclear missiles and nuclear power plants so your pot head son doesn’t irradiate the earth.”
“The pot head son failed on the obstacle course.” …”No that one didn’t make it over the bar either.” (Bar- I could take that ball and run to the end zone with regard to pot head lawyers.)
“Your pot head son wouldn’t do work he thought was beneath him and now everyone is starving.”
“Your pot head son couldn’t deal with reality and neither could you!”
“Instead of morphine as end of life pain abatement management we gave you son pot at a young age.”  (That one might end up being my personal favorite.)
“They put me in jail because of what I said about your useless pot head son and in jail the vending machines had pot cigarettes.  Now I have a dependency on pot and I am going to kill you for it.”
“The policeman did not arrest the pot drug dealer because he was working for his Italian brother.”
“The lawyer was paid with drug money and failed to correctly prosecute your pot dealer.”
“You viewed college as a drug party and now we have two government parties that are essentially drug parties.”
“Then the prison became filled with pot head losers.”
“First they drank, then they smoked and now the earth is black.”
“We couldn’t teach them so we just gave them pot at the start of the school day.”
“Make sure that kid asking all those hard questions in class gets a little more pot today.”
“One day your pot head son decided to make up the new stories on network television and he also became legally allowed to speak them while he was high on pot.  That a boy you said as you bounced him on your lap.”
“Your pot head son was sick his entire adult life because he was treated by pot head doctors.”
“Speaking of which you raised your son to have an emotional problem and then gave him pot for it.”
“You resisted all attempts to organically farm until you could legally grow pot.”
“You had to have a gimlet every night and now your pot head son needs a refer all day.”
“You had to have a refer all day and now your son likes to eat human flesh.”
“Your pot head son was found to have no human intelligence and we hunted them for sport.”
“Your pot head son tried to cross the border into our state and was shot on sight.”
“Your pot head son could not compete with my son and likt the crotch of his pants on fire with the same lighter he used for joints.”
A version of this already happened near central Wisconsin, “Your pot head son became President and said we could no longer have guns, but when he came to my door I shot him.”
“You legalized pot and everyone became high and therefore could no longer safely handle a gun so we banned them.  Now we are living in Commune Communist Slavery.”
“The divorce rate of alcohol babies was 50%, the divorce rate of pot head sons closer to 96%.”
“Your pot head son just paid $100 million dollars so he could legally marry another pot head son.”
“Both candidates were God awful but no-one seemed to notice because they were polarized.”
“Why does your pot head son act like a woman, is it because he was never corrected once by you in life?”
“Your pot head son invented pure energy while your pot head daughter performed live on internet peep shows.  But his work was found to be a figment of his own imagination.  Unfortunately he convinced a great many of its efficacy and it ended up blowing up the Planet Earth.”
The concluding irony is that the 46 episodes will indeed be coming to your for free in every single way on Network Television and I will not receive one red Abraham Lincoln penny for them, even though I wrote and created every one of them in every way.
‘The lost future episodes of “The Your Pot Head Son” television series and full length movie.’   Written and brought to you by Thomas Paul Murphy.
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy.  All rights reserved.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wait hold the presses for one more episode number 47.  "Your pot head son wanted to be a Banker like you and you let him.  Now our money is worthless and we don't know what to do.  It is the "Our next great concern."

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